Editor’s Note:  Hip-hop extraordinaire Hyro The Hero joins the 6th episode of Madness To Creation Podcast.  In this episode, Hyro The Hero discusses mental health along with collaborating with esteemed bands and recording artists such as David Draiman of Disturbed, Chad Gray of Hellyeah and Hollywood Undead.  In the track “We Believe” featuring David Draiman, you hear the duality of the vocals in the chorus.  Hyro The Hero’s passionate vocals come together seamlessly with David’s incredible vocal range in the song.  The song is an outcry for people to come together as one during these difficult times.  On December 10th, Hyro released his song for “Fight” with Chad Gray of Hellyeah.  The song is that extra kick in the pants that one might need for motivation when life gets difficult.  Hyro The Hero is able to mesh brilliantly with Chad in this banger of a song.  “Comin’ Through The Stereo” with Hollywood Undead is that rock anthem that we all crave, where people are moshing, crowdsurfing and getting down with their bad selves to the music(do people still say that).  Also, Hyro discusses the art of the feature along with meeting a hero of his in music in Vinnie Paul(RIP).  Fans can find Hyro The Hero at the following locations:





Check out the music video for “Fight” featuring Chad Gray of Hellyeah below:

Check out the music video for “We Believe” featuring David Draiman of Disturbed:

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