Monday, October 18

(Single Premiere) “Backroads, Crickets And Toads” by BOOMBOX POETS ft. LIL HUJO

Boombox Poets are presenting something a bit different with their new single ‘Backroads, Crickets And Toads’. Their distinctive vocals accompany a strong US blues style carried through the instrumentation. In the words of the band: “Enjoy this collab with a bourbon or a jar of shine!”

Founded in 2010, by vocalists Mike Burch and Josh French, Boombox Poets was born out of the South End of Louisville, Kentucky. With the additions of Anthony Slack (guitar), Antonio Edward (bass), Animal Tom (drums, vocals) and Jake Buckley (keyboard), Boombox Poets combine lyrically driven Hip Hop / Rap with heavy influences of Rock, Metal, Blues, and Funk. Reminiscent of acts like Linkin Park, Rage Against The Machine, and The Beastie Boys, Boombox Poets brings forth an assault of musical energy that is aggressive and creative.

The release of the band’s debut, self-titled EP, in 2016, gained fast success, particularly with the hit single/video ‘Mirror’. Boombox Poets recently signed to Battl Victory Records and released a clean version of ‘Mirror’ earlier this year. The band are making the most of these strange times to work on more original music for 2021.

Boombox Poets have made a name for themselves in their home city through live performances. (Prior to Covid restrictions) they performed with major artists such as Rittz, Upchurch, Bone, Method Man and Redman, FLAW, Hed PE, Rehab, Bubba Sparxxx, Villebillies, Afro Man, Young Bleed and a number of great local talents their home city, Louisville, KY.

Release date: 8th January 2021 via Battl Victory Records

Boombox Poets Are:

SLACK – Guitar



BOSH – Bass

J FRENCH – Vocals



Genre: Rock + Rap + BBP = RACK MUSIC


Boombox Poets’ Socials:






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