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(Album Review) “Holy Ground” by THE DEAD DAISIES

2021 is opening with a bang as The Dead Daisies, a collective of talented classic rock musicians, release their new album ‘Holy Ground’. This release follows their debut self-titled album in 2013, four studio albums, one live and one covers album. With the rocky times of last year, here’s to hoping the music industry can recover and thrive again soon.

Opening with the title track, ‘Holy Ground’, this album establishes its tone and style without revealing all the cards in one go. The record features an array of styles all clearly bringing a powerful classic rock sound, but with some added pizazz here and there. Everything feels well balanced and executed from the off. The guitar tones bring a good range of distorted and cleaner lead sounds (something I always look for), the bass and drums are solid, and the vocals complement the music whilst also making their mark. With such an array of well-known rock names on this album, I’m not surprised that the sound is so strong. ‘My Fate’ opens with a more minimalist sound before exploding into heavier guitars and enthusiastic percussion in the chorus. The dynamics of this track work really well. It’s at a fairly slow tempo but has a good momentum throughout, and merges classic rock elements with something a little bit extra.

‘Saving Grace’ caught my attention as it delivers an intricate solo. Over recent years I’ve found myself becoming more and more picky with guitar solos (I’m aware of the irony being a guitarist myself) but it fits the song well. The solo doesn’t feel like the it’s been slotted in merely for the sake of it. This track also brings in a sneaky bit of organ – a Deep Purple influence I wonder? It would be good to hear it slightly higher in the mix. ‘Far Away’, the longest track on the album and, I must say, my favourite, begins in the form of a beautiful ballad. The chord progression is wonderful to listen to and each instrument is clearly audible in the mix, giving the full spectrum of sounds. The build up into an epic soundscape of orchestral instruments alongside the band. This style of track is something I personally really enjoy; the theatrics and drama created through a gradual build up sounds fantastic.

It’s great start to 2021 for classic rock fans. The Dead Daisies have produced a powerful album that brings something for everyone whether you prefer the energetic rock out tracks, or the dramatic ballads. ‘Holy Ground’ is a great addition to their already large discography and it’s great to see them going strong through this difficult time.

Release Date:     January 22nd, 2021
Format:               – CD Digipak
– 2LP Gatefold, 180g purple transparent vinyl, printed inner sleeves

01. Holy Ground (Shake The Memory) 4:49
02. Like No Other (Bassline) 3:39
03. Come Alive 3:50
04. Bustle And Flow 3:40
05. My Fate 4:28
06. Chosen And Justified 3:43
07. Saving Grace 4:08
08. Unspoken 4:47
09. 30 Days In The Hole 3:40
10. Righteous Days 4:11
11. Far Away 7:03

New Line-Up:
Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) – bass, vocals
Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio) – guitars
Deen Castronovo (Bad English, Journey) – drums
David Lowy (Red Phoenix, Mink) – guitars

Check out the music video to “Bustle and Flow” below:

photos (c) Fiaz Farelly

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