Editor’s Note:  Jon Cohen Experimental joins the 7th episode of the Madness To Creation Podcast, which is also featured on I-Heart Radio, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Spreaker, Podcast Addict and several other podcast platforms.  On December 11th, Jon Cohen Ex. released his electronic pop album entitled “Lorem Ipsum”, which combines amazing electronic, pop, and dance music to tickle your earholes.  This album was created using his I-Phone during the Covid-19 pandemic and features several artists such as Justin Wright, Sabrina Halde(Groenland), Elodie Gros(Machine Gun Sally), and Lou Lawrence(DJ Champion).  In this mental health conversation with Madness To Creation Podcast, Jon Cohen Experimental discusses celebrating Hannukah while in quarantine with his daughter, “Lorem Ipsum”, and we get into an in-depth and meaningful conversation about mental health.  Fans can find Jon Cohen Experimental at the following locations:





Fans can check out the music video for “Rhode Island” by Jon Cohen Experimental below:

Fans can check out this episode featuring Jon Cohen Experimental via Soundcloud below:

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