Editor’s Note:  Esteemed author and hair metal enthusiast Christopher Hilton joins the Madness To Creation Podcast for its 8th episode.  In this episode, we pour through Christopher Hilton’s book entitled “The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Hair Metal”, which is an incredible read for any music historian, music fan and for aficionados of the hair metal genre.  The book is organized by band and it’s in chronological order and it pours into how Van Halen basically started the genre and we talk about how Eddie Van Halen was really ahead of his time as a hard rock guitarist.  One thing that I learned from the book was that the term “hair metal” wasn’t a term that was coined until well after its heyday.  What I really appreciate about the book is that it covers the history and the influence of the genre, yet it has a VH1 Behind The Music feel to it and it’s written with passion.  You can tell that Christopher genuinely loves the hair metal genre.  Fans can find the book via his Google Sites here.

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