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(Mental Health Conversations): Bug Gigabyte of SINTHETIK MESSIAH

Contributor’s Note:  William of Madness To Creation sits down with Bug Gigabyte of SINthetik Messiah for this interesting conversation about being mentally prepared for World War III or the apocalypse, along with his “Split Damage” EP and he also unveils new details about what’s in the works for SINthetik Messiah for 2021.  SINthetik Messiah combines trip-hop, industrial and very trippy music that causes mindfreaks the world over.  Fans can find SINthetik Messiah at the following locations:

William:  What gets you through the difficult times?

Bug Gigabyte:  Opening a bottle of whiskey, lighting some candles and composing music. It brings me to a different place, a place where I can lose myself. 

William:  What got you into music?

Bug Gigabyte:  The band name, SINthetik Messiah was originally an art project, and it was the drive to create more. I always loved music and the first instrument I ever played was a trumpet when I was in middle school. Then it really wasn’t until the day I heard  Nine Inch Nails first album “Pretty Hate Machine” and I knew that is what I wanna make.

William:  Tell us about your current project, what were some challenging and rewarding aspects?

Bug Gigabyte: I’ve been doing SINthetik Messiah for a very long time since I was young, because of my music I’ve got to meet some amazing people and have had surreal experiences like no other. It has so many different rewarding aspects of it. The main challenge of my project is deciding what I wanna do next. I have this dimensional understanding of how I want things to go, but the hard part is coming up with a way to break the barriers of what I made in the past. 

William:  The soundtrack to your life is from this artist/band and why?

Bug Gigabyte:  Oh man this is a tough question, so my problem is I listen to so much music, so I would have to narrow it down to two genres that are the sound track of my life right now. Lofi Instrumental Hiphop and drum and bass. Lofi chills me out and it’s great to listen to during sexy time with your partner. For some reason it brings a romance vibe in the air especially when candles are lit. I go to great lengths to make my partner happy and anytime I can find a reason to be romantic with her, I take it. Now when it comes to drum and bass, especially when it comes to hardcore/industrial/crossbreed drum and bass. It reminds me of the shit that is going on outside my love bubble, it reminds me to be strong mentally and it reminds me to always “Keep It Moving”, it’s my motivation.

William:  What has been the biggest blessing and curse about going through the pandemic?  How has it affected you mentally?

Bug Gigabyte: I think the biggest blessing for me is life has slowed down a lot, enough to where I feel like I can enjoy my loved ones more because time is moving slower. At least it feels that way. The curse of it all is I’m not out in the clubs networking and promoting. I don’t play live much, maybe 6 times a year. And playing in front of a camera is not the same, I dislike it so much. it’s why I haven’t done many live streams or tried to get on any festivals since it all began. I think my mental state is very fine, I’ve kind of been mentally preparing for the apocalypse or WW3 for a decade. I’m ready when the day comes, but I just hope I never see it in my lifetime. 

William:  Are there any songs of yours, published or unpublished that perhaps mentally served as a vehicle of therapy?  Are there perhaps any that dealt with a subject too painful, that you didn’t want to release them?

Bug Gigabyte: Yes I did a song titled “Emotional Therapy” from the 2 track EP “Split Damage”. It was a year after my birth mother past away from stage 4 lung cancer(she never smoked a day in her life) The song was me putting away my grief, it was me getting over the deep sadness I felt, and the sadness I knew she felt. 

There is nothing that is to sad for me, it’s just a constant reminder that I over came the situation. Part of my healing process is releasing it into the public. If it just sits there on my computer, I’m not doing my self justice. Self doubt and pain will leak back into my heart, something I constantly try to not let happen and I’m stronger because of it. 

William:  What do you hope for in 2021?

Bug Gigabyte:  More music,more live shows, and more adventures. I can’t say I hope everything goes back to normal, because I know it won’t. But I can say I hope no matter what happens, we aren’t killing each other in streets over it and justice will be served to the ones who are responsible for all our worldly troubles and I’m not talking about just the pandemic. I’m talking about the ones who profit off the deaths of others. 

William:  What’s next?

Bug Gigabyte: I’ve got a few things in the works.

A) Live stream show

B) I’m releasing my first full length album “Ambient Noize” I’ve gotten reports that it can cause a form of psychosis when listening to it on headphones. Trippy stuff. 

C) I’m releasing my second full length album which will be hybrid of industrial and drum and bass. 

D) and if time and money works out correctly I’ll have one more album by the end of the year that will be a hybrid of industrial bass and Witch Haus. It will also be a concept album that is based off the works of Zachariah Stitchen. 

And there you have it!  Check out SINthetik Messiah via Spotify below:

* Photo Credit:  Light The Frame Media

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