This group has changed the sound of “black pop” forever.  They revolutionized the game.  How did this band do it?  How can a band be sensual and smooth sounding while being gamechangers and innovators in the writing and recording process?  Leave it to Earth, Wind & Fire with their 1998 “Greatest Hits” collection.  Let me tell you I’m getting educated with their grooves, their out of this world arrangements and their heavenly harmonies.

The first track is “Shining Star”.  We all know that one, but if you sit down with your eyes closed and your headphones on, you will develop a deep sense of appreciation of the harmonies and overall swagger that they possess.  This song was certified gold and went number one on the Pop and R&B charts.  Let me tell you about the next track “That’s The Way of the World”.

I DID NOT KNOW THEY SANG THAT SONG.  Listen, I’m one of those that’s terrible about knowing who sings what,  but this slow jam is absolutely sexy as hell and I MUST tell you about this damn guitar solo.  It was one of the most perfect guitar solos I have ever heard in my entire life.  The harmonies were ridiculous too.  I’ll tell you, I picture bras being thrown left and right on the stage if they ever performed this song in concert.

“September” is such an insatiable jam as well.  Their harmonies would lift the spirits of The Grim Reaper.  In fact, I could see the grim reaper laying his scythe down and boogieing on down with the horns, harmonies and arrangements behind this song.

“Can’t Hide Love” is certainly one of their most underrated jams, Phillip Bailey definitely shows off his vocal prowess by hitting some very tough high tenor/falsetto notes in his singing.  The song certainly represents that duality by being determined to find love and being bitter that they can’t seem to find love.  Their cover of “Got To Get You In My Life”, originally by The Beatles is absolutely ridiculous.

This album chronicles their illustrious career and tops it off with their smash “Boogie Wonderland”.  It’s plain to see why they’ve influenced so many artists and been sampled by so many artists.  The hooks are ridiculous and the guitar work done by Roland Bautista and Al McKay is criminally underrated.  This album is certainly one of the best “Greatest Hits” packages I have ever heard as it took a novice like myself wanting to dive into their hits, being blown away that they had so many songs that I didn’t know that they did and to complete the trifecta, making myself as the listener wanting to dive deeper into their discography.  It’s a total 10 star rating.  Check out the album via Spotify in its entirety below:

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