Review:  What a maniac onstage Little Richard was.  Chuck Berry had the guitar that defined rock-n-roll, Little Richard had the vocal pipes and keyboards/piano that defined rock-n-roll.  Sadly, this song was only two minutes long, but “Long Tall Sally” was a monster hit for Little Richard and for good reason.  On this date, February 10th in 1956, Little Richard recorded “Long Tall Sally” and it was released in March of the same year.  It went number one for six weeks on the Billboard RNB charts and went No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts.  Rolling Stone Magazine ranked this song No. 55 on the Greatest Songs of All Time list, and for a good reason.  Little Richard owned every inch of that stage he performed on with his trademark white baby grand piano.  He got the crowd moving with his insanely infectious vibes and sang with so much conviction and intensity that the listener had no choice but to get to dancing.  I can’t imagine what a Little Richard concert would’ve been like, but I bet it was one of the most intense concert experiences ever.  They don’t make music like this anymore and we’re thankful that through songs like “Long Tall Sally”, the legacy of Little Richard will continue to live on in our hearts and minds.

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