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(Album Review): “Death by Rock and Roll” by THE PRETTY RECKLESS

On February 12, The Pretty Reckless released their fourth studio album titled Death by Rock and Roll via Fearless Records.  The band is composed of Taylor Momsen (Vocals), Ben Phillips (Guitar), Jaime Perkins (Drums), and Mark Damon (Bass).  This amazing work is the result of many trials and tribulations over the last several years.  The band landed a prestigious gig in 2017 opening for Soundgarden, but it was of course during this tour Chris Cornell took his own life.  Less than a year later, Kato Khandwala, a close friend and producer for the band, died in a motorcycle accident.  This was a very dark time for the band and it wasn’t until late 2018 before members started recording again.  The result, however, is an album that will truly stand the test of time and go down as a signature work in rock and roll.

The Pretty Reckless have a classic and at times, raw sound that is a direct reflection of the hard work and mentality the band members have put into creating their unique sound.  The listener is blasted with this immediately on the opening title track “Death by Rock and Roll.”  Also, this song is a tribute to Khandwala.  In Momsen’s own words, “It’s not a morbid song.  It’s ‘I’m going to live my way; I’m going out my way.’ That’s the rock and roll ethic.  It’s empowering.”   Please check out the lyric video for “Death by Rock and Roll” below:

“And So It Went” features a guest appearance from legendary guitarist Tom Morello.  This song is a masterpiece that also harshly describes the chaos we see in the world today.  It’s a song that has a very catchy, chanting chorus but I implore the listener to look deeper into the imagery presented here.  It is a powerful and timely critique.

“Witches Burn” also sticks out as a track that presents the essential Pretty Reckless sound.  This is a raw song that has a grunge feel throughout.  Momsen’s vocals are also on proud display here, as they are throughout the whole album truthfully.  

“Death by Rock and Roll” by The Pretty Reckless has a little bit of everything in it.  From the powerful riffs and raw power of Momsen’s voice to the acoustic sound of “Standing At The WALL”, a wide range of talent is on display with this album.  I give this work a 10/10 and place it amongst the early favorites for 2021 album of the year!

Track Listing:

  1. Death by Rock and Roll
  2. Only Love Can Save Me
  3. And So It Went
  4. 25
  5. My Bones
  6. Got So High
  7. Broomsticks
  8. Witches Burn
  9. Standing at the Wall
  10. Turning Gold
  11. Rock and Roll Heaven
  12. Harley Darling

Lastly, while live events are slowly returning, I simply implore the reader to check out The Pretty Reckless on the following socials for updates on performances and other news about the band:

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