Monday, October 18

(Mental Health Conversation): Madness To Creation Podcast Ep. 25: BLACKLITE DISTRICT

Editor’s Note:  Welcome to the Madness To Creation Podcast: Where Self-Care and Music Merge. On the 25th episode of the Madness To Creation Podcast, we have Blacklite District joining us to discuss “Live Another Day”, how the Minecraft platform on YouTube blew him up and his struggles with opiate addiction. This gets to be a very personal conversation on his struggles and he wanted to share his struggles with opiate addiction in an effort to help anyone who is listening. Madness To Creation wants to personally congratulate Kyle aka Blacklite District on fighting every single day to better his life and to fight with this addiction. If you are struggling with opiate addiction, please check out, which is a confidential resource that can provide resources for opiate addiction, alcohol addiction, early stages of mental health disorders and to help with trauma that stems from addiction.
About Blacklite District: On March 26th, Blacklite District released “Live Another Day” which completely addresses the struggles that he goes through. His main goal is to bring about the importance of relying on friends and family for whatever personal issues one may goes through. His song “Falling”, due to Minecraft, was at one point the number 3 trending video on YouTube, and he has amassed millions of Spotify listeners and over 174,000 subscribers on YouTube. Blacklite District mixes an incredible mix of hip-hop, electro, EDM, alternative, and elements of rock to create his own distinct sound and brand. Fans can find Blacklite District on Facebook @BlackliteDistrict, Instagram @blacklitedistrict and Twitter @officialbld, also find him on YouTube and Spotify.
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