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This episode is a bit of a throwback for you, it’s with Mark Dean interviewing Ray Luzier of Korn and KXM. KXM is composed of members of Korn, King’s X and ex-Lynch Mob/Dokken guitarist George Lynch. Ray Luzier discusses how different it is playing drums for the iconic nu-metal band Korn and playing drums in a supergroup. It seems like every time that I turn around, Ray Luzier is featured in drumming clinics or in magazines like Modern Drummer, and it’s for good reason. He’s fantastic and he’s one of the more versatile drummers in the rock world. Ray Luzier also offers an important mental health message towards the end of this interview with Mark Dean. “Circle of Dolls” is out now by KXM and they have recently released a music video for “Faith Is A Room”, which you can check out at On April 24th, Korn will be having their global livestream event entitled Korn: Monumental. The performance will take place at Downtown Los Angeles and it’s the ultimate drive-into experience.

Fans can find Korn at their official website at and their social media links @korn
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Photo Credit: Ian Storck @ 3 Count Photography

Fans can check out the music video for “Faith Is A Room” by KXM:

Fans can check out this interview featuring Ray Luzier of Korn/KXM via SoundCloud below:

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