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On the 31st episode of the Madness To Creation Podcast, we have Australian singer-songwriter/indie rock artist Rob Gaylerd of The Nomadic. This is one of the more interesting interviews I have done. As someone who has a political science degree, I was fascinated with Rob’s world travel and his work with the United Nations. He has done world travel and completed humanitarian work for the United Nations at the following countries: Myanmar, Sudan, Israel, Palestine, Kenya and Solomon Islands, and there are a few other countries that he’s been at that I’ve failed to mention. Rob is also a mental health advocate and he talked about how being quarantined in New York while not being able to visit his family in Australia impacted his mental health. Recently, The Nomadic released their single for “Skaterpark” which I will provide a link for you to listen at at and Rob discusses that single.
Also, I’m planning a giveaway of The Nomadic t-shirts. I will be doing a TikTok and an Instagram TV video, please be on the lookout for that. Also special thanks to The Nomadic for providing us their song “Beyond Blue” to be the official theme song for the Madness To Creation Podcast. Starting with the 31st episode, it will be in the background as I go on my podcast talk before the interview. Fans can find The Nomadic at their official website at and on Facebook and Instagram @thenomadicband
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Fans can find this episode featuring Rob Gaylerd of The Nomadic via SoundCloud below:

Fans can check out the single for “Skaterpark” by The Nomadic below:

Check out the official theme song for the Madness To Creation Podcast “Beyond Blue” by The Nomadic:

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