Editor’s Note:  Brandon Baun guitarist of Philadelphia black metal/post-hardcore/shoegaze band The Drowned God joined the Madness To Creation Podcast for the 34th episode.  On March 26th, The Drowned God released their latest album entitled “Pale Home”, which includes the singles “Gnashing of Teeth” and “I Met You.”  The album balances lightness and darkness and it takes on brutal yet cathartic and ethereal tones into the music.  Below, you can find various time stamps of the topics of discussion that we had with Brandon Baun of The Drowned God.  Fans can find The Drowned God on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and their official website.

Topics of Discussion:

If you want to skip to 4:11 of the podcast with Brandon Baun of The Drowned God, do it!

4:11- Brandon talks about the history and progression of The Drowned God as a band

5:43- Brandon talks about his favorite genres of music and how Norma Jean was a major influence on The Drowned God

6:47- Talks about the different elements of post-hardcore, shoegaze and black metal in the music

8:23- The book that inspires the lyrics of The Drowned God

8:55- What Brandon learned about himself during the Covid-19 pandemic

10:23- Whether or not he gets along with his former band members

10:44- how songwriting is cathartic and how him being introverted impacts his music and mental health

11:39- “Gnashing of Teeth” music video and whether or not it was taken from a Biblical reference

12:57- Favorite thing about making music videos

15:11- The awesomeness of the movie Blair Witch Project

15:55- Making music from horror movies or silent films

16:42- Promoting “Pale Home” record via Solid State Records

18:20- What is the soundtrack to Brandon Baun’s life from a mental health perspective?

19:11- First thing Brandon wants to do when this Covid-19 pandemic is over

Fans can find this episode featuring Brandon Baun of The Drowned God via SoundCloud below:

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