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On the 35th episode of the Madness To Creation Podcast, we have Cal Stamp and Paul Mitchell of Record Heat. Record Heat used to be known as Spirit Animal and they joined us to talk about mental health and their latest EP entitled “1”, which includes the incredibly catchy singles “Networks” and “Nathan.”

Fans can check out the single for “Nathan” by Record Heat via YouTube below:

Record Heat has shared the stage and been on tour with the likes of Dorothy, Theory of a Deadman, Incubus and Fitz & The Tantrums. Fans can find Record Heat on Instagram and Twitter @recordheatus and at their offical website
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Time Stamp Discussion:

5:52- How has Record Heat grown in their songwriting and as musicians
8:40- How they’ve coped with Covid-19 with their mental health
11:50- What are Cal and Paul really good at(self-care and self-love)
16:06- How Record Heat created “1” EP and their writing process
19:28- Fan response to “1” and how the fans have been responsive to Record Heat from Spirit Animal
21:00- How they respond to critics. This is a hilarious part!
24:20- How much they miss live music. Paul and Cal both have their own unique responses
26:09- How they had to adjust cause of Covid-19 as a band and as an individuals
28:07- Paul talks about family and coping with pandemic
30:34- How Paul and Cal see concerts continuing after Covid is over
34:53- Cal takes us into the single “Nathan”
37:37- The soundtrack to our lives, hilarity ensues

Fans can find this episode featuring Cal and Paul of Record Heat via SoundCloud below:

Fans can check out the EP “1” by Record Heat via Spotify below:

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