Editor’s Note:  Legendary keyboardist Jim Gilmour of Saga sat down with the Madness To Creation Podcast for the 36th episode.  On March 12th, the legendary Canadian progressive rock band Saga released their album entitled “Symmetry”, which are reimaginations and a fresh take on their classic songs.  “Symmetry” includes the new song “Wind Him Up” as well as a fresh acoustic/classically influenced take on the song “Always There.”  Saga has had several albums chart in the Billboard 200 in the United States including “Heads or Tales” and “Worlds Apart.” Fans can find Saga on Facebook and their official website.

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Time Stamp Discussion:

4:16- Jim discusses what Covid is looking like in Canada

5:20- Jim discusses “Pockets” and the acoustic reimaginations with “Symmetry” based off of Saga’s classic prog rock sound

6:53- Jim talks about bringing various string instruments in order to bring about improvisation for “Symmetry”

7:34- What Jim learned from the cellist and violin player

8:10- How Saga got together for the writing process, and Jim discussed how they had to change the arrangements because of Covid

9:04- How they weren’t able to livestream

9:41- Jim discusses his mental health given the Covid-19 pandemic

10:32- Jim implores people to wear the mask during the pandemic

10:59- What Jim has done since Canada has been on lockdown

11:33- Jim discusses Netflix

12:10- Jim discusses his legacy and his accomplishments in Saga

13:05- Jim discusses the fan-made music video for “Always There”

13:36- Jim discusses how Saga’s diehard fanbase has turned into real life friendships and extended family

14:21- Jim discusses how fans have came up to them and helped them with their music

15:16- Jim discusses the soundtrack to his life and talks about classical music that helps him get through

15:56- Jim discussing possibly making classical music

16:42- Jim discusses what he wants the legacy of Saga to be

17:32- Jim discusses how Saga opened up for Pat Benatar and shares amazing touring memories with Pat Benatar

18:35- Jim discusses opening for Rush in Canada, and is he a big Rush fan?

19:25- Jim discusses his love for the Toronto Blue Jays

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Fans can check out this episode featuring Jim Gilmour of Saga via SoundCloud below:

Fans can check out the music video for “Always There” by Saga below:

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