Contributor’s Note:  Sabrina Fallah joins The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz for the 254th episode via FAB Radio International.  In this episode, Sabrina talks about mental health awareness, her music and how she’s influenced by Joan Jett and Hole.  Here is the breakdown of the episode:

0:00 – We introduce Sabrina to the show where she is from Ottawa, ON and we discuss the song we played in the intro called “The Frontline”.   This song has a Joan Jett vibe to it.  

“In life, when you try to succeed in something, your friends may not be very supportive…I wrote the song going for your dream even if it means losing your old friends as may meet new friends along the way but never stop doing what you love.  Just keep climbing. If you want to achieve something in life you have to go for it and not expect people to go along that journey with you.”   

03:57 – “All Or Nothing” The outro in this song is really good.   Starting at 2:06 this song had the band HOLE vibe to it with Courtney Love during the “Celebrity Skin” album.   

06:51 – “Break Through”  Another great outro.   “Break Through is about my breaking through my fears, not giving up, and building my confidence” – Sabrina Fallah.  We ask her what are some of the things she fears.   Sabrina talks about her fears with us as a young woman now.   When she was young she had many fears.  As an adult, her feelings shifted, 

“I know what I want, I know what to do, and nobody can change me.  I’m good”.  The producer on her album is Stuart Epps (Producer/Contributor for artists like Twisted Sister, Elton John, Oasis).  The guitar chord shift in here is awesome starting at 3:23.  We focus on this moment.  

12:40 – “Paradise Comes With A Price”  “This song is about depression.   My inspiration for this song was Robin Williams.   I was thinking about what he was going through that made him take his own life.  Instead of writing a song about what depression is, I wrote a song about not giving up and seek help and know you are not alone.”  We talk about Madness To Creation 

And how the site uses music to promote mental health awareness.  

22:33 – “Hurt” the entire song is amazing.   “Hurt is about losing my best friend because I didn’t feel she supported me in my music like I thought she would and it hurt but I had to walk away.  It hurt because I thought we would be best friends forever…Don’t be afraid to walk away from someone that isn’t right.  Don’t stay around negative people.”  We discuss how Allie Colleen has a song about her best friend and was hurt really bad and the parallel to this song from Sabrina.  

28:12:  Sabrina talks about the song “Gone Too Soon” by Simple Plan and the reason this song gives her goosebumps and gets her emotional.   Then we discuss the song “Perfect” by Simple Plan.  

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