Contributor’s Note:  Legendary producer/composer John Forbes appeared on the 259th episode of The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz via FAB Radio International.  In this episode, John discusses the reimaginaton of the classic music of Kay Starr and the following topics were discussed according to the time stamps below, which you can check out via Spotify above and/or SoundCloud below:

0:00 – Ain’t Misbehavin’ (2:03): Introduction of John Forbes (legendary music producer/composer for some of the largest artists in the world including Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera).   We talk about reimagining Kay Starr’s classic music.   We discuss the history of Kay Starr.  John talks about how his own mother was the inspiration for this reimagining  project.   Berklee College of music.   

8:43 – Betcha I Getcha (2:08)

(Mort Greene, S. Dewey, D. Darcy)

Universal-MCA Music Pub. A Div. Of Universal Music Corp. 1:38 – to the end (I love the way the song ends) Billy Butterfield on the outro.   The tonality of the arrangement of the trio was the basis of where John began his work.  We brought up Les Paul’s playing of the guitar on the music 

14:15 – So Tired (3:20)(Russ Morgan, Jack Stuart (John B. Soell)Shapiro Bernstein & Co., Inc. OBO Film Div. 1:25 – 1:35 Music stops *Sweetheart”  this pause gives us goosebumps

16:52 – John talks about a special moment that came about when working on this project and how it reminded him of his mom 

18:11Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen (2:51)(Traditional) Public Domain We the play moment at 2:17 – til the end 

19:24 It’s A Great Feeling (2:35)

(Ray Heindorf) Warner Bros. Music A Div. Of Warner Bros., Inc 1:34 to the end  John talks about this song creates a special moment with his daughter.  Then we talk about the classic song “Good Mornin’” from singing in the rain and the relationship.  

23:17 What A Difference A Day Makes (3:11) (Maria Grever, Stanley Adams)

Songwriters Guild Of America OBO Estate Of Stanley Adams, Universal Music-Z Tunes

2:21 to the end We talk about how these uplifting happy songs were written during World War II.

John talks about a special story of unity during an earthquake in California and how people from different nationalities and backgrounds came together as one.  We also give credit to the African American movement of jazz!

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