Monday, October 18

(Album Review) “Created From Filth And Dust” by LILITH CZAR

Listening to an artist’s debut album is always interesting – this is their starting point and I know that they will only grow from this release. The standard of debut releases can be incredibly high, and Lilith’s album ‘Created From Filth And Dust’ falls into this category for me. The album explores themes of rebirth and reinvention and is clearly very personal. The lyrical content, musicality and production are all of a fantastic quality and present a wonderfully empowering release.

The alluring introduction of ‘Feed My Chaos’, with everything from shredding guitars to soothing piano, sets a fantastic tone for the album. The instant, infectious energy of ‘King’,  and the beautiful ballad of ‘Lola’ are just a couple of examples of the fantastic journey this album goes through. ‘In My Head’ brings a deliciously dark rhythmic melody with intense vocals layered on top. Erupting into distorted guitars this track is a fantastic example of how Lilith uses dynamics and instrumentation to create music that is simultaneously, dark, energetic, dancefloor worthy all with a hint of rock and roll. The chorus hook is catchy and the subject matter is something I’m sure many have experienced – I certainly have. ‘Unholy’ brings a strong empowering stance through the lyrics defying a few of the expectations that are still placed on women. ‘Diamonds to Dust’ is an emotional ballad that really feels like Lilith’s heart and soul has been poured into it. It’s a different mood from the high energy and fast pace of some of the previous tracks earlier on the album. It’s great to see that she can incorporate her distinctive sound into different musical styles.

Lilith has produced a debut album that is of a ridiculously high quality. So much thought has gone into the composing of each aspect of the instrumentation, and the lyrics are all so relevant and relatable to many. The energy is intense where it needs to be but the dynamics are well crafted so that the sound isn’t stuck on the same level throughout. ‘Created From Filth and Dust’ is an album that breaks the bounds of genre and gender expectations, with a good dose of female empowerment thrown in.

Release: April 23rd via Sumerian Records

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Check out the visualizer video for “Anarchy” by Lilith Czar below:

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