Monday, October 18

(Mental Health Conversation) Madness To Creation Podcast Ep. 44: DIAMANTE

Editor’s Note:  Hard rock star Diamante joins the Madness To Creation Podcast for the 44th episode.  In this episode, Diamante discusses the music industry, graduating college, her album “American Dream” and so much on mental health and how music can literally save lives.  Diamante has released the music video for “Ghost Myself”, which has already amassed almost a million views on YouTube with it being out for one month.  “American Dream” is one of the most personal albums I’ve heard in awhile as the songs take personal accounts of Diamante’s mental health struggles, her leaving Better Noise Music and finding that liberation of being an independent artist.  Fans can find Diamante on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

First topic 3:04:  Diamante discussing how she’s using her college degree in business administration

Second topic:  3:54:  Applying her business degree to the music industry as an independent artist

4:51:  Diamante’s dreams of owning her own record label someday

5:29:  How Diamante manages her social media accounts

6:41:  Diamante discussing the music video “Ghost Myself” and being at war with herself

7:38:  Diamante’s moment and how she rose to the occasion and getting dropped by Better Noise Music

9:14:  Discussing the “American Dream” album and how she’s grown as a singer/songwriter and as a person

10:43- How Howard Benson taught her to write from a vulnerable place

12:13- The challenge of singing acoustic songs and ballads in the song “Unlovable”

13:18- Pranking Three Days Grace with blowup dolls

15:41:  What she misses most about touring with Covid

16:59- Fan stories of how her music has saved their life

17:43- The story behind “Haunted”, which is Madness To Creation’s favorite track by Diamante

18:58- Talking about the coolness of Garbage and Shirley Manson

19:51- First thing that Diamante wants to do when Covid is over and what she does well live and what she wants to work on live

22:02- Diamante’s mental health regiment

23:45- What Diamante advocates for

24:25- Diamante opens up about her depression and how she overcomes it.  This is a really touching piece and overcoming her eating disorders growing up.

26:35- How the album “Let Go” by Avril Lavigne has helped her through difficult times.

27:38- Her dream stage set up when she headlines arenas, “the taco cannon”

28:20- How the song “War Cry” is her favorite song to perform live and how she can’t wait to perform “American Dream” live

30:24- How she wants to open for Lady Gaga someday

30:50- How “Iris” is her favorite song of all time and how she got to cover it after leaving Better Noise

31:45- What she learned from Breaking Benjamin and how much of a class act Ben Burnley is.

Fans can check out this episode featuring Diamante via Soundcloud below:


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