Editor’s Note: Jason Singer aka Michigander joins the Madness To Creation Podcast for the 45th episode. This past March, Michigander released their EP entitled “Everything Will Be OK Eventually”, which has received from rave reviews from the likes of Detroit Free Press, KCRW and Medium. I definitely appreciate Medium’s quote, which they said “Authentic rock vibes and deeply-felt lyrics.” That’s Michigander in a nutshell folks. When you listen to Michigander, it’s not just instruments, lyrics and singing, it’s emotions running the gamut. Fans can find Michigander on Facebook and Instagram @michiganderband

3:04- Jason Singer discussing his recent livestream performance in his hometown in Michigan
3:50- Jason discussing the difference between livestreaming and performing in front of an audience
4:33- The writing process of “Everything Will Be OK Eventually”
5:13- Biggest thing Jason learned from the Covid-19 pandemic
6:15- “Mental Health Moment”- Jason discussing the single “Let Down”, which is about keeping expectations in check

7:30- First thing Jason wants to do when this pandemic is over
9:16- Jason Singer’s love for hometown shows and Davenport, Iowa(of all places, haha)
10:12- Jason discussing the single “OK” and how Michigander comes together to write a song

11:10- Jason’s soundtrack to his life, his love for “The National”
12:32- Jason Singer talks about a time where he got knocked down and he got up again.
14:17- Jason Singer shares some tips on his songwriting and his style of songwriting

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