LOLLAPALOOZA 2020: Grant Park, Chicago IL

With the return of Lollapalooza hitting Grant Part in Chicago, IL this summer spanning a massive 4 days, we’ve wanted to break down 15 artists playing that we’d recommend and give you some song choices along the way. Since we are excited for the return of live music as well I also wanted to take a moment also to talk about the benefits that live music and concerts / festivals can have for ones mental health.

Foo Fighters
This one should just be no surprise. Known for their fantastic live shows playing songs spanning their wide career to being one of the biggest rock bands in the world this is one set fans of all genres won’t want to miss. To make matters even better with the recent news of Foo Fighters headlining this years class of inductees into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame fans in attendance might just get one set they won’t ever forget. Now the real question though is will it outshine their previous Lolla set where they performed during a heavy constant downpour of rain, that remains to be seen.
Song Choice : Monkey Wrench
Who would of even thought Journey, the 70’s legendary rock group would be playing Journey! While the band may only be original member Neal Schon left, the band remains a force to be reckoned with. Now you may be thinking what will the typical Lolla crowd do during a Journey set but once the hits such as “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Separate Ways”, and “Any Way You Want It” start you can bet you’ll have what could be some of the loudest sing alongs of the festival.
Song Choice : Separate Ways
Limp Bizkit
Just as with Journey, Limp Bizkit modern day stick out here like a sore thumb. The 90s nu-metal legends, while not having released the long teased new record, are still a force and widely loved when they do make a rare US appearance. While younger festival goers may not know much about the Nookie I know without a doubt that Durst and company will bring the infectious grooves and get the crowd moving just as they would have in 1999.
Song Choice : Rollin’
Alison Wonderland
Australian DJ / pop singer Alison Wonderland has been a rising force gaining more popularity with every appearance and I believe this Lolla set might be one for the books. With fellow collaborators such as Tripper Redd also on the lineup the chance of seeing some special guests pop in is hopefully a great possibility.
Song Choice : Easy
Jimmy Eat World
With the uprising again of mainstream pop punk happening it makes sense to have one of the leading influencing bands of the 90’s and 2000’s along for the ride as well. Being the clear veterans they are in the game Jimmy Eat World will end up making new and old fans both see how they are only getting better with time.
Song Choice : The Middle
Angels And Airwaves
Coming back after quite the hiatus shortly before COVID hit, the Lolla crowd who possibly grew up on Tom DeLong in both Blink 182 and A&A will be more than pleased to sing along to the songs of their youth such as “The Adventure”, “Everythings Magic”, & “Surrender”. Look for these alternative rockers to be drawing a big crowd for sure.
Song Choice : The Adventure
All Time Low
No strangers to the alt rock and pop punk scene All Time Low have a catalog of hits spanning 10+ years. From recent hits such as “Monster” & “Once In A Lifetime” to pop punk staples like “Weightless” they easily can have 2 generations of fans in attendance jumping and singing along to every word. Lets not forget either that All Time Low had one of the biggest trends on Tiktok last year featuring their classic “Dear Maria, Count Me In” and when that hits I can only assume we’ll see a wave of people all ages with a smile during this experience.
Song Choice : Dear Maria, Count Me In
Freddie Gibbs
Hot off of 2020’s “Alfredo”, Freddit Gibbs is set for a legendary Lolla set. It helps as well having one of 2020’s top records by many publications and a grammy nomination below his belt to come out and give one energetic set that will set the bar for the entire weekend.
Song Choice : Big Boss Rabbit
The Front Bottoms
Coming in as what might be one the most singalong friendly bands of the weekend The Front Bottoms will surely have all fans in their 20’s in the crowd. With their brand of folky pop punk they will easily set that mid day tone giving people the chance to sing at their lungs with the iconic lyrics to their catalog of hits.
Song Choice : Twin Size Mattress
With beats galore that fit his songs and style in a way that most others couldn’t make happen jpegmafia isn’t one fans of rap and hip hop will want to miss. With his 2018 record “Veteran” he blew up to such a degree with wide spread acclaim for the record that its still talked about to this day.
Song Choice : Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot
White Reaper
In 2019 White Reaper released one of the catchiest songs of the year with “Might Be Right”. It also should go without having to be said that the band has a back catalog of equally catchy rock songs that are just being slept on. This is one band for sure that fans should do their best to see because they will be leave anyone disappointed.
Song Choice : Might Be Right
Orville Peck
The man behind the mask is a mystery and we’d have it no other way. With his brand of pop meets country meets something you might find in a horror movie credit roll, the man has captivated fans and critics galore. Thankfully fans will be able to see it in person and become fully entranced by it as we..
Song Choice : Dead Of Night
Mixing elements of hip hop, electronic elements, and alternative Canadas grandson has been on a steady rise. Fans should also look into his lyrics with usually tackle modern issues and even things that aren’t usually touched by the media.
Song Choice : Dirty
Black Pistol Fire 
Canada born but Texas based rock duo Black Pistol Fire are another sleeper hit fans should watch for sure. With a blend of southern rock and garage punk the band gives catchy singable songs mixed with something that will make you tap your foot and rock your head. Their 2021 album “Look Alive” will be a contender for peoples top records of the year for sure.
Song Choice : Just listen to the entire Look Alive album.
Aly & AJ
From Disney channel to sister pop rockers Aly & AJ have had quite the career. Even though its been 14 years since a new album has come out, the duo reunited before COVID to kick off another tour and its been like they’ve never stepped away at all. To make matters beginning they broke 2021 by rereleasing a more mature and explicit version of their biggest hit “Potential Breakup Song” showing just the growth they’ve made into adulthood while reminding us all that they’ve still got it.
Song Choice : Potential Breakup Song (2021 Version)
From everyone here at Madness To Creation we want everyone to have the best mental health they possibly can especially after the weight of COVID and the previous year. Studies have shown that by attending concerts and live music a persons view of their self worth as well as a sense of closeness with others shoots up dramatically. Its also been showing that by attending shows it can increase your feeling of wellbeing which in the long run helps increase ones lifespan.
While COVID may be getting more controlled every day we’d also like to promote that you do whatever makes you feel safest. If that’s vaccinated or not, mask or no mask, we’d just like everyone to remain their healthiest. So this summer lets safely get back out there, get some sun at festivals, see friends old and new, listen to the bands we love and the bands we will learn to love, and make some memories that have been long overdue. We hope to see you all out there.

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