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Madness To Creation Podcast via Mark Dean was invited to a special conference call featuring Moby and Gregory Porter. On May 28th, Moby released his album “Reprise”, which is a collection of his greatest hits reimagined with the Philharmonic Orchestra in tow. Moby discusses how he created the album, the influence Gregory Porter had on his music and so much more. Here are the time stamps if there is a certain part you want to listen to. If you want to skip my boring introduction, go to the 1:57 mark:
1:57: Moby discusses expanding on the original quality of the songs
2:30: Moby discusses David Bowie and the perfection of Gregory Porter’s voice
4:45: Gregory Porter joins the conference call
7:42: Studio 3 at East West in Los Angeles(Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra and Mamas & Papas worked there) and collaborating with the string quartet and the recording process. Studio 3 is a time capsule from the 50’s- Moby. One of the most challenging aspects was recording with the gospel choir.
10:52- Moby’s love for David Bowie and his friendship with David Bowie
14:44- Sampling blues songs and voices from his legendary “Play” album
17:21- Moby utilizing Lomax Recordings
18:00- Evolving his songwriting over the years
19:24- His market expectation when he released “Play” and being dropped from Elektra Records
20:10 -Battling his addictions and alcoholism and how he got “Play” released
23:37- How Moby feels about the current state of music
25:53- Moby’s personal disappointment of his own music of “Play” and how that led to his sobriety
30:36- Gregory Porter answers if he enjoys making music or creating music
33:01- Moby discusses “Songs For Tibet” in 2008 and how the Dalai Lama has a great sense of humor
35:21- On whether or not Moby feels musicians should be obligated to write songs to bring attention to the issues of the day
36:55- Moby on animal rights and veganism and mental health awareness
40:22- Moby talks about social media and the lack of civility in society today
42:43- Who does Moby want to interview?
45:12- Moby’s favorite vegan foods

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Check out Gregory Porter’s music and “The Porterhouse” YouTube channel and go pick up a copy of “Reprise” by Moby wherever music is sold!

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  • Photo Credit:  Travis Schneider

Fans can check out the very recently released music video of “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad” by Moby below:

Fans can check out this episode featuring Moby/Gregory Porter via SoundCloud below:

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