Contributor’s Note:  Legendary guitarist/session guitarist Dom Brown of Duran Duran joins Mark Dean(Antihero Magazine, The Spill Magazine for Season Two, Episode 1 of the Madness To Creation Podcast.  In this episode, Dom Brown discusses his upcoming release entitled “In My Bones”, which is due out June 11th.  Dom visits with Mark on how he took advantage of the lack of touring opportunities due to the Covid-19 pandemic to write and record this album.  Some of the themes of “In My Bones” include hope, strength, belief and positivity.  Dom has also tapped Darrin Mooney(Primal Scream), Andy Treacey(Faithless), Ian Thomas(Mark Knopfler/Eric Clapton), Anna Ross(Duran Duran) and Jessie Wagner(Lenny Kravitz/Kid Rock) to help with the artistry of this record.  The album promises to stir the soul and tell introspective stories throughout.

Fans can find Dom Brown at his official website, Instagram and Twitter.

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Fans can check out this episode featuring Dom Brown(Duran Duran) via SoundCloud below:

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