Editor’s Note:  Coleman Williams IV sat down with Madness To Creation Podcast to discuss “Son of Sin”, revitalizing the Nashville community, mental health and his influences. It’s pretty wild for me to realize that a band like Jesus Lizard and a legendary songwriter in John Prine can provide equal influence for a country artist.  I’ve learned so much from this conversation and how Coleman Williams IV wants to create his own legacy from his historical family name(based on his last name, you can figure out who it is), and how he works extra hard into carving out his own niche in the industry. Check out “Son of Sin” via Spotify and you can check out Coleman Williams IV on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please check out the time stamp discussions below:

3:01- Does Coleman Williams IV consider himself an outlaw?

3:41- Coleman Williams IV doing it his own way and carving his own niche in the industry, earning his own legacy

5:33- Coleman’s friendship with his bandmates and his producer, who is also his bass player

6:48- The origins of his “Son of Sin”, based on his dad’s record “Straight To Hell”, and the state of the music industry and the commercialism of Nashville

7:43- Discussing the band The Jesus Lizard and how he’s a major influence

10:12- Seamlessly transitioning into the discussion of John Prine and how he’s influenced his songwriting, getting a total education on John Prine

13:27- Coleman Williams IV discussing his goals including full-album released at the end of this summer, his tour plans, and enjoying a couple of concerts as we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on this pandemic

16:27- The things Coleman Williams IV learned from the Covid pandemic and helping run a small business during the pandemic

20:05- Coleman’s vision of a musical renaissance coming, how country music should branch out

23:10- What Joe Buck(not the Fox Sports broadcaster, the country punk icon) has taught him

25:18- How Hank Williams Sr is not a part of the Grand Ole Opry Hall of Fame and how he wants to change Nashville, he’s a major advocate for revitalizing Nashville

Check out “Son of Sin” by IV & The Strange Band below:

Check out this episode featuring Coleman Williams IV via SoundCloud below:


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