Contributor’s Note:  Mark Dean(Antihero Magazine, The Spill Magazine, Madness To Creation) sat down with Dolf de Dorst of The Datsuns to discuss their latest album entitled “Eye To Eye.”  “Eye To Eye” was released on May 28th to critical acclaim, and the band has drawn comparisons to “if Alice Cooper, Marc Bolan and Deep Purple conducted a mad scientist experiment, you would get The Datsuns.”  Well, that’s what we said about them anyways.  The Datsuns have performed at the Pinkpop Festival back in 2004 and also performed their hit “In Love” on the Late Show with Conan O’Brien back in the day.  Their also known for their romantic classic “Motherfucker From Hell.”  Fans can find The Datsuns on Facebook, their official website and Bandcamp.

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Special thanks to The Nomadic for their song “Beyond Blue” to be the official song of the Madness To Creation Podcast:

2:06- How Dolf spent more time with his family during the Covid pandemic

4:32-  Dolf of The Datsuns talks about how they created “Eye To Eye” pre-Covid and during their New Zealand tour.

5:28-  The diverse ways The Datsuns create their songs, especially with technology and to help them grow in their songwriting process

6:39-  The struggles with The Datsuns livestreaming due to living in different parts of Europe

7:38- How would Dolf describe The Datsuns to those that are unfamiliar with their sound

8:35- Dolf describing the song “Dehumanise” and how he wrote that song while playing in his other band while on tour in Europe

10:32- What Dolf did while on seven year break between The Datsuns albums

13:11- Dolf talking about the success of his debut album while he was living in New Zealand

13:59- Dolf talks about his first exposure to music growing up

14:48- Dolf discussing his other bands such as The Helicopters

15:56- Dolf’s interests and hobbies

16:40- Tour plans in 2022

17:29- Who would Dolf interview if the roles were reversed?

Check out the music video for “Brain to Brain” by The Datsuns below:

Check out this podcast featuring Dolf de Dorst of The Datsuns via SoundCloud below:

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