Editor’s Note:  Country music star Logan Mize joined The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz for the 274th episode via FAB Radio International.  Logan Mize has recently released his album “Still That Kid” and is ready to perform all over the Midwest now that the Coronavirus pandemic seems to be coming to an end or at least subsiding.  Logan recently performed in Comstock, Nebraska to a raucous crowd.  You can tell that people are craving live music again. He has hit songs such as “Somebody To Thank”, “Prettiest Girl In The World” and “Gone Goes On And On.”  Fans can find Logan Mize on Facebook and his official website.  Fans can check out The Don’s Hit List on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their official website.

In this episode, they talk about “Prettiest Girl In The World” and moving to Nashville and back to his home roots in Kansas. 

12:33- They discuss the song “Who Didn’t” and the songwriting of Nicolle Galyon, who wrote the famous country song “Tequila”, and she’s also a fellow Kansan.

16:32- They discuss “Practice Swing”

19:38- They discuss “American Livin'” and the influence John Mellencamp had on his career.

22:27- “Something Just Like This”- Chainsmokers/Coldplay cover and how they became a popular country song cover.

Check out the video for “Prettiest Girl In The World” by Logan Mize below:

Check out this SoundCloud episode featuring Logan Mize below:


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