After many long and arduous months it’s starting to appear that the world is getting back to “normal”. People are outside cycling, barbequing, lounging in the sun and live music is finally putting it’s feet into the wading pool to test the waters. This past Saturday LAUNCH featured a small, free and very intimate concert in New York City’s East River Ampitheater featuring The Velvicks and Fat Heaven.

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If you’re not familiar with either band, that’s ok. I wasn’t very familiar with them either not too long ago. First up was Fat Heaven who’s pop punk energy rivalled that of a young Green Day. Their songs were catchy and downright FUN. Their set was short, as were most of the songs- but their sound was good. One of the best tunes of the day was Crybaby. Check out their  Bandcamp page.

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The Velvicks were introduced to me just about a week or so ago. Their VERY catchy psychedelic-indie inspired rock whose members hail mostly from Brazil. Before the show I was able to speak to Victor, the band’s vocalist for a few moments and he was pretty excited for the show. When they took the stage the crowd didn’t take long to get into their groovy sound. With tunes like “Lockdown NYC” and “Run” amongst the setlist their energy was inspiring. Victor even had some witty moments between songs thanking the crowd for coming and reminding them that he paid them via Venmo already to show up. A very lighthearted laugh from the crowd helped to endear the group a little more. Actually in all seriousness, the band seemed to have the crowd’s full attention from the get go. I noticed audience members bopping along to the rhythm of the tunes. I highly recommend you check the band out.
Fans can check out the lyric video for “LDNYC(Lockdown New York City)” by The Velvicks below!

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