Editor’s Note:  V of Violent Idols recently appeared on the Madness To Creation Podcast to discuss working with Aaron of Gemini Syndrome, meeting AEW wrestler Jon Moxley, mental health awareness and the soundtrack to his life.  It is always interesting talking art, music and mental health with an individual that is probably very well known by day but I couldn’t figure out who he is.  That’s how much V of Violent Idols is into his persona.  V created the arrangements, wrote the song lyrics and came up with the concept for Violent Idols to help him deal with his mental health and to cope with the issues that are happening in the social media world and the physical world.  Recently, Violent Idols released the music video for “Revenge”, which you can check out below.  Their theme song for AEW wrestler Jon Moxley has over one million hits on YouTube and he also talks about how he went into Jon’s character to write that instrumental.  Fans can find Violent Idols on their official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Check out this podcast on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, JioSaavn, Podchaser and Podcast Addict.

2:59- Inspirations behind creating the band Violent Idols

4:30- Discussing his theatrics and costumes in Violent Idols.  Creating a different reality and a different world

5:44- How AEW is the best wrestling product going on and how professional wrestling and his issues with the current WWE product

7:12- How he wrote “Unscripted Violence” which was the original theme song for AEW wrestler Jon Moxley and beginning to discuss “Revenge”

8:48- His headspace as a songwriter and musician, and the integrity and purpose behind the things you do

10:44- How he responds to the critics of his music and in his life from a mental health standpoint

12:18- The work behind managing the Violent Idols social media accounts on Twitter in particular, and focusing on where the activity is

14:43- V of Violent Idols takes us into the single for the song “Revenge”

18:33- How music has provided a balance to his mental health

19:40- V gets inside to his nightmares and cyberbullying on the internet

22:27- What V does to help with his mental health without music in the equation

24:15- How V has adapted with dealing with stress and anxiety during Covid

25:50- The challenges of social media addiction

28:00- V discusses his personal goals and professional goals

32:09- V discusses his relationship with Aaron of Gemini Syndrome and the song “Fuck You”

34:15- What is the soundtrack to V’s life?

37:03- V talks about meeting Jon Moxley

Check out this episode featuring V of Violent Idols via SoundCloud below:


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