Editor’s Note:  It was a blasty-blast(I’ve always wanted to say that) to talk to Christian rock artist Jodi Essex on the Madness To Creation Podcast.  We get into a very deep meaningful discussion about Christianity, how some famous Christian artists are deconstructing their faith, her single for “Offend”, and my favorite song of hers “What Is Your Truth?” .  As a side note, we are anticipating having Jodi Essex on as a contributor or a semi-regular co-host, whenever her schedule allows it.  Her album “Irreverent” is out now and fans can stream it on her Spotify.  Fans can check out Jodi Essex on Facebook, Instagram, and her official website.

4:02- Jodi Essex talks about her meditative and prayer moments

5:03- What inspires Jodi

6:37- What Jodi is thankful and grateful for

7:46- When people deconstruct their faith, we talk about Kevin Max of DC Talk working on deconstructing his faith

11:54- Talking about the single “Offend” and how we need to be bold in our Christian faith

14:20- Meeting Josiah, guitarist of Disciple who is producing her new music and what she focuses on when she performs live

16:37- Jodi stating how she has more secular listeners than Christian listeners

17:51- How Jodi reacts when her fans state that her music resonates with them

19:55- “What Is Your Truth” single and that sick guitar riff/tone

22:10- Jodi Essex likes intimate environments during her live performances

23:27- Jodi Essex and her disagreements with cancel culture and how she feels it’s dangerous to our freedom in our society, and how we need to get back listening to one another and having dialogue

25:40- Jodi and how she sees the Christian Market and why people are walking away from the faith

27:36- Jodi talks about how she’s a cancer survivor and how her cancer is in remission and her platform in anti-sex trafficking

30:43- Jodi shared about some of her difficult moments when she was battling cancer

34:25- Jodi’s realizations that she had during the Covid pandemic

38:21- Jodi’s personal and professional goals

39:41- Jodi’s love for Brazil and her fans there

40:43- We share what we are listening to

41:42- Our push for Pat Benatar to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

43:44- “She Talks To Angels” cover, and her love for The Black Crowes

44:43- Performing covers live as well

46:10- Jodi how she’s a sucker for heavy music and power ballads

Check out her album “Irreverent” via Spotify, give it a stream or 50:

Fans can check out this episode featuring JODI ESSEX via SoundCloud below:


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