Editor’s Note:  Kim Salmon of The Scientists appeared on the 2nd season and 15th episode of the Madness To Creation Podcast.  Recently, the Australian alternative/punk/fuzz/garage rock band released the album “Negativity” via In The Red Records.  This album features the 1985-1986 lineup of Kim Salmon, Tony Thewlis, Boris Sudjovic and Leanne Cowie.  The really cool thing is one cannot put a label on The Scientists.  They’re able to take a couple notes and make it sound progressive or they can twist it up and sound totally garage/fuzz/punk rock. If you’re into bands like The Stooges, Suicide, Gun Club and The Cramps, then The Scientists is a band for you.  I learned so much talking to Kim and Kim was total class and such a wonderful person to talk to.  He is like that mad scientist that’s really into artwork.

2:18- Kim talking about Covid pandemic in Australia

4:30- Things that Kim Salmon learned about himself from the Covid pandemic

5:18- Kim talks about his paintings, his artwork and his affinity for art and the methodologies behind his painting

11:52- Kim’s career and life in between the 35 years between albums for The Scientists, own music and teaching music education/lessons

13:05- Kim Salmon talks about The Scientists imploding in 1986 and how the four(Boris, Kim, Leanne and Tony) got back together.

17:37- The writing process adjustments The Scientists made for “Negativity”

21:20- Kim talks about career accomplishments and we get into a discussion on the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

25:42- Kim talks about the creation and writing process of the single “The Science of Suave”

28:22- What is Kim most proud of in terms of The Scientists’ legacy

29:45- The Scientists talking about being pioneers of art rock and how it’s so different for each member of the band

30:37- The advent of the term “scuzzball rock”.  Mainly due to the song “Rev Head”, and Kim’s love for The Cramps

31:41- Plans to promote “Negativity”

34:20- Kim talking about how he’s waiting for his copy of “Negativity”.  I’m honestly quite surprised that bands sometimes don’t receive their own copy until after the release.

35:13- Kim talks about how he stopped seeing a therapist and how she helped him work through some things.

36:49- How “Negativity” became the album title.

37:54- Whether or not Kim is okay with science.

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  • Photo Credit:  Andrew Watson

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