Editor’s Note:  Jim Gwynn of Chicago indie rock band JIP joined the Madness To Creation Podcast to talk about the band’s legacy out of Chicago, making comedy music, and how he had a plethora of celebrities react to JIP’s music as of late.  This was a hilarious conversation but also a meaningful and poignant discussion based on mental health, Jim losing his mother a couple of years ago, and celebrity roasts and whether or not comedians are as happy as they portray themselves to be.  The band will be releasing “Thought This Was Over” coming up and it includes work with Royce of Spacehog.  Fans can find JIP on Facebook, their official website, and Instagram.

0:50- Jim talking about Covid, and Local H at the Metro, and how the Metro is requiring the vaccine passport

1:37- How Jim has been working from home during the pandemic, and his choice to get vaccinated

2:01- Jim’s fandom of the Foo Fighters

4:31- Jim reaching out to various celebrities and how he was supposed to be in Penn Jillette’s movie a couple of years ago.  Justin Hawkins, Kristen Bell and “Action” by Kevin Smith

6:11- Jim’s secrets to establishing connections

6:46- Working with Royce Langdon of Spacehog

7:25- Making writing adjustments and recording adjustments in regards to JIP during Covid

8:40- “How The Sausage Was Made”

9:30- We get into conversation about favorite sausages

10:23- All about the magic, and JIP possibly touring after the record is complete

11:20- How JIP was on hiatus and when they decided to get back together and his songwriting

13:10- Jim talks about Local H and how their music makes his skin tingle

15:19- Favorite JIP memories and favorite JIP songs.  How they’re Tenacious D before Tenacious D

17:32- How his wife and son bring about a mental health balance for Jim Gwynn of JIP

20:17- How fatherhood is so important to Jim

21:41- Concerts his son has seen and his friendship with Tracy Bonham

23:13- Who Jim Gwynn wants to see at Bonaroo in Tennessee

25:40- We play word association with various celebrities.  Greg Proops, Tenacious D, Bill Burr, Jack Black

30:34- How Jim Gwynn manages JIP’s social media accounts

31:44- Album title “I Thought This Was Supposed To Be Over”:  Talking about “Solid Ground” with Royce of Spacehog

32:45- The awkwardness of livestreaming.  How 311 and Psychostick did their livestreaming right

35:52- How food helped him get through, how the pandemic was pretty scary

38:17- How Robin Williams and Chris Cornell impacted his life

39:17- Talking about losing his mom and how he smashed his equipment

41:58- Theo Vonn and how Jim loves the people around him, and how important men’s mental health needs to be addressed

Then we talk about the celebrity roasts, mental health and comedy.

Fans can find this episode featuring Jim Gwynn of JIP via SoundCloud below:

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