Sometimes we need to walk away from the negativity and toxicity in our lives does wonders for our mental health and soul.  Sometimes we need space to learn about ourselves.  For example, reflect and evaluate how and why you got into a messy relationship and then once you figure that out, learn what to do to avoid getting into the messy relationship again. Sometimes we put unrealistic expectations on ourselves and others.  It could be we were blown away by their looks.  It could simply be out of desperation.  Tenerife, Spain by way of Miami, Florida artist JACQUELINE LOOR addresses toxic relationships and transformation in her single “I’m Done With You” and Madness To Creation is honored to premiere the video today!

Themes of inner strength and self-discovery dominate throughout “I’m Done With You.”  According to Jacqueline Loor, she states the following about “I’m Done With You”:  “I’m Done With You” is about reaching the point in a relationship where you come to accept that no matter what you do, it will never work. Specifically, it’s about my twin sister and what made her finally leave her husband after 15 years of being with him. He battled depression and substance abuse the entire time they were together, and she always stayed in hopes she could save him until the day she saw that his disease was ultimately putting her children at risk.   She finally had a moment of clarity and realized she could never save her husband, but she could save her children. She was finally done with him.  Looking back, I realize I’ve also stayed in toxic relationships much longer than I should have, giving people more time to destroy my self-worth. I hope this song empowers anyone who is in a similar situation.

It is so key in life to get out of toxic relationships.  If you’re in a toxic relationship, just ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you constantly fighting with your significant other?
  • Is your workload suffering dramatically?
  • Are you accepting and tolerating the abuse, whether it’s verbal, emotional, physical or sexual?
  • Are you miserable?
  • Is your social life nonexistent or suffering?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then walk away.  If you choose to walk away, you may experience grief in the grieving and recovery process, but in the long run, the opposite of those questions I asked you will be occurring.  You will be healthy, you will rekindle or find new friendships and you will no longer accept and tolerate the abuse.  Jacqueline Loor offers her advice on what a healthy relationship looks like in her world:

A healthy relationship is one that you can be yourself, free to shine your light, and be truly proud of who you are.  A good partner will help bring out the best in you, and not make you feel less than or unseen. 

Fans can pre-save the single “I’m Done With You” by Jacqueline Loor here

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2 thoughts on “(Premiere) JACQUELINE LOOR Proclaims “I’m Done With You” to Toxic Traits

  1. Dear Kim. What a great article! Jackie is our daughter in law and we love her and her music. She and our son have a beautiful relationship and 2 delightful, intelligent and talented daughters. Her music reaches into the hearts and souls of all you hear it. I am an author and I have a comment on the first sentence, it looks like a few words might have been left out “Sometimes we need to walk away from the negativity and toxicity in our lives does wonders for our mental health and soul. ” It is a very impactful statement, but something is missing.
    Thank you for the work you do and for representing artists who need your voice and support. We will start following you and sending you good thoughts for you and your work! All my best, Nola

    1. First of all thank you for the comment and I’m so glad you’re supportive of your daughter-in-law’s music and her endeavors. Secondly, I will fix that sentence. Nola, I really appreciate the kind words and it’s part of our mission, to merge self-care and music and we’d love to have you follow us on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram @madnesstocreation or if you have Twitter @MTCMadness. Thanks so much for the good thoughts and support. Please tell the rest of your family and a friend about us! – Matty Owner/Editor

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