Editor’s Note:  Jim Taylor and Lenny Cerzosie Jr. of the band LENNE jumps on the Madness To Creation Podcast for the second season and 17th episode.  Recently, Lenne released their single for “Letting You Down”, which was to rave reviews.  You might have heard Lenny Cerzosie Jr from The Infinite Staircase.  The Infinite Staircase have shared the stage with Black Label Society, Candlebox and Sevendust and they share absolutely hilarious stories.  In their single “Letting You Down”, it also features Morgan Rose of Sevendust and Corey Lowery of Seether.  We get into this podcast and check out the time stamps below!

2:15- Jim and Lenny talk about how they got on at Imagen Records and how the band came to be.

4:52- Lenny Cerzosie Jr joins the band and talks about his favorite part of the song “Letting You Down”

6:54- They begin sharing funny stories about Morgan Rose of Sevendust

7:40- Talking about The Infinite Staircase and meeting Morgan of Sevendust on their 2009 tour with Sevendust

9:55- We begin the discussion on mental health and how people will be writing more songs about mental health concerns.

11:08- Jim Taylor starts talking about digital dementia and how the cell phone impacts our mental health

12:30-  They begin talking about how they support each other in mental health, discussing The Atomic Bitchwax, and how music helps so much in the difficult times in our lives.

16:30- Recording in the Quad Cities in Illinois, and how the pandemic was so different from state to state.  Iowa is just like “Be responsible”

18:22- Leonard talks about teaching guitar lessons towards students that have autism

19:55- Talking about a potential career in music therapy

20:47- Jim Taylor’s fencing skills

21:05- Does Jim Taylor want to fence with Bruce Dickinson?

23:15- Jim and Leonard share what they have learned about themselves the most from the Covid pandemic

27:15- Leonard talks about his intense moment about a doctor visit in regards to his mental health and how he’s getting upset.  Jim and Leonard talks about how men’s mental health is not addressed enough.

30:41- Bands and artists that Leonard and Jim go to when times are difficult.  Leonard talks about meeting Zakk Wylde, and touring with Black Label Society.  Jim talks about Corey Lowery of Seether and Disciples of Verity.

35:07- Jim talks about meeting Morgan Rose for the first time and how he was starstruck by him.

37:23- Leonard talks about how good of friends Tommy Lee and Morgan Rose are and Morgan pranking Leonard, and how Tommy Lee was making fun of Leonard on his Snapchat.

39:32- Jim and Leonard share their proudest piece of music and how they state that their coolest stuff is yet to come.

41:10- Leonard shares about “The Pride” for Superstorm Sandy and his different projects

46:58- Jim and Leonard get into a conversation about Morgan Rose’s solo EP

48:57- We get into hilarious Lajon stories and Leonard shares a funny marijuana story

52:16- Jim Taylor shares his crazy story.  Compares himself to Niles Crane, it was at one of his side band cover gig.  Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne.

56:00- We get into our favorite concerts

59:23- Jim and Leonard shared their favorite guitarists and musicians of all-time

1:00:37- Jim talks about how much his grandfather influenced him and he got a bit emotional sharing this story

1:04:30- Leonard talks about Metallica

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