Editor’s Note:  Guitarist James Swisher and vocalist John Lockwood of melodic hardcore band Vera Revive joins the Madness To Creation Podcast for the 18th episode of the 2nd season.  Recently, they have released their single, “Faint” which features Dana Willax of Kingdom Of Giants. This band is essential to Madness To Creation because they touch on various mental health topics such as body dysmorphia, mental health concerns in the LGBTQ+ community and other mental health concerns such as suicide prevention and cutting. Vera Revive have recently released their EP entitled “In The Absence Of Colour” and their videos were drawing tens of thousands of hits on YouTube before they even played a gig.  They did recently play a show in Phoenix.  The band has also received significant support from Outburn Magazine and Heart Support.  Fans can find Vera Revive on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and their official website.

0:33- Vera Revive’s workout regiments

1:19- Vera Revive talks about their day jobs

2:07- Vera Revive talks about their Instagram and the challenges and rewarding aspects of their social media accounts

4:35- Vera Revive answering critics whether it’s YouTube comments or in reviews

5:32- They talk about how the writing process of their music and all their demo work

6:35- Mindset when it comes to writing lyrics and the “Faint” single

9:12- We get into a discussion about empathy

10:12- Working with Heart Support

10:58- Working on ending the stigma of mental health concerns

13:35- What the band members learned about themselves through the Covid pandemic

16:21- How they adjusted as a band through the Covid pandemic

17:42- How they got thousands and thousands of hits on their YouTube videos before even playing a gig as a band

22:44- James shares John’s favorite lyrics in Vera Revive “It’s All An Act”

23:55- John share James’ favorite arrangements in Vera Revive, and guitar tabs on “What It Means To Forgive”

27:30- Vera Revive being called “cry-core” and bringing up hug fests in moshing and circle pits, and talking about working at Wal-Mart and Reddit

32:13- They get into the single “In The Absence of Colour” and how the video was created for the LGBTQ+ community

37:51- How society around the world is more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community and the issues that they face

40:31- What shows are going to be like with the pandemic coming to an end

42:30- When fans come up to them and say “that song resonated with me or saved my life”

45:28- How Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace influenced their music

51:10- Favorite local/hometown bands

54:03- A call for us to interview Breaking Benjamin

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Fans can check out this episode featuring James and John of Vera Revive below:

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