Editor’s Note:  “Gone Are The Good Days” by amazing easycore band Chunk! No Captain Chunk! is out this Friday via Fearless Records.  Bert Poncet, vocalist of Chunk! No Captain Chunk! joins the Madness To Creation Podcast for the second season and 19th episode to talk about history, France revolting, cell phone addiction, and how the band has evolved in their music.  “Gone Are The Good Days” is such a diverse listen.  In this record, fans will hear the familiar sounds of the breakdowns, catchy singalong choruses and driving hooks and beats in the arrangements.  However, Chunk! No Captain Chunk! have really matured from their days of “In Friends We Trust.” You will hear love songs in “Marigold” and “Tongue Tied”, and you will also hear songs related to mental health concerns in “Bitter”, “Drift Away” and “Painkillers.”  You will even hear a saxophone solo in one of the songs! “Gone Are The Good Days” is one of the most sonically pieces of ear candy you will hear in 2021.  Pick up the record this Friday via Fearless Records.  Fans can check out Chunk! No Captain Chunk! on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their official website.  Fans can find this podcast on Spotify, Spreaker, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, YouTube, JioSaavn, Podchaser, Podcast Addict and Google Podcasts

Roughly the first six minutes are the review of the album.  Time stamps are below!

6:22:  Bert of Chunk! No Captain Chunk!  talks about how he’s an avid reader and an avid history buff

9:43- How “Gone Are The Good Days” happened because of Covid

11:43- How France is coping with the Covid pandemic and the irony of France inventing the idea of vaccines

12:46- What Bert learned about himself through the Covid pandemic

15:01- How Bert copes with cell phone addiction and building habits to be more disciplined in his work and his mindset in creating these Chunk! No Captain Chunk! songs

18:50- Talking about social and civil unrest, and the yellow vest movement and how protests/demonstrations are engrained in French culture/society

21:11- Vans Warped Tour memories and the viral “In Friends We Trust” live from Milwaukee video

23:39-  What advice would 2021 Bert give 2014 Bert

25:04- The “Bitter” music video and stories of fans coming up to him stating their music saved their life

30:31- Music that Bert turns to when times get difficult

31:48- 5 things Bert is grateful for

34:40- Bert talks about the songs he’s looking forward to playing live on “Gone Are The Good Days” and the single “Complete You”

Fans can check out this podcast featuring Bert Poncet of Chunk! No Captain Chunk! via SoundCloud below:

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