Editor’s Note:  They have a swimwear collection, been featured on People Magazine, MTV, and had a billboard with their name in lights at Times Square in New York City.  This is SZNS.  Their music video for “Build A Boy” has over two million hits on YouTube and their music video for “Tequila With Lime” has several million hits on YouTube as well.  The girl group SZNS is featured on the 2nd Season and 20th episode of the Madness To Creation Podcast.  We got into quite the discussion about relationships, female empowerment, their music, living together and so much more.  I’m convinced SZNS is going to bring back the girl group movement that made groups like Dream and Spice Girls famous.  They mix electronica, Latin, a bit of hip hop and pop into their music.  Fans can find SZNS on Instagram, TikTok and their official website.  Fans can find the Madness To Creation Podcast on Spotify, Spreaker, YouTube, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, JioSaavn, Podchaser, Podcast Addict and Google Podcasts.

6:18- SZNS talks about the emotions they’re feeling and their personal and professional goals

8:06- Getting out of the dark space, how challenging this life and this career is for their mental health

11:30- Why we must break the stigma of mental health.  How we need to talk about the issues of mental health and how we are not alone in terms of mental health concerns

14:31- How nervous they were about making the “Build A Boy” music video, and how being vulnerable led to them being empowered.

22:23- SZNS gives advice on how men can treat women better and how we need to stop objectifying women, and Autumn opens up about self-defense and how we need to be careful in terms of “rape culture”

30:54- How social media stresses SZNS out and the pressure they feel when it comes to managing their Instagram and TikTok accounts

33:49- Each member of SZNS describes who they are as women in music and in their lives, their traits and where they need to grow

35:49- How the members of SZNS work to find and achieve balance in their lives

38:00- Story about fans coming up to them on how their music has resonated with them

40:28- How Selena Gomez, Oasis and other artists help SZNS in their difficult times

45:25- The last time the members of SZNS laughed and cried

47:45- Talking about the music video for “Tequila with Lime”

50:25- SZNS talks about what they’re grateful within the girl group

53:51- What can fans expect from a SZNS concert

Fans can find this episode featuring SZNS via SoundCloud below:

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