Editor’s Note:  Out of Australia by way of the United Kingdom, Steve Kilbey & The Winged Heels have released their double album “The Hall of Counterfeits.”  The album explores many concepts including past lives, religion, Indian and Middle Eastern music, ancient history and The Beatles and their work. Here is what Steve Kilbey has said about “The Hall of Counterfeits” and his band “The Winged Heels:”

“In 1990 I released an album called Remindlessness in which I attempted to take in everything I had ever been fascinated by and reconcile the whole damn lot with a weird and wild bunch of songs.

Thirty years on, armed with three brilliant musicians (The Winged Heels), time has enabled me to give voice to those same preoccupations: past lives, Indian and Middle Eastern music, religion, ancient history, the Beatles and the many implications of their work.

Barton Price an unbelievable walloping drummer.  Gareth Koch and his beautiful classical and flamenco guitar (and a host of other stringed ethnic instruments).  Roger Mason on piano organ hurdy gurdy, cello (and a load of other weird arcane and esoteric instruments).  Together we have come up with this mercurial record that is surely the most important thing I have ever done anywhere anytime.

A new sprawling double album, a labour of love.  The record I had to make before I shuffle off this mortal coil and begin again all over – some other time, some other place.  But this record is the big one and even if I do get another thirty years down here it will be a hard one to ever top.  
I’m lucky to have found these players plus Andrew Beck an American engineer and co-producer of this record who have helped create this huge strange unwieldy chaotic dense bunch of songs that we have plucked fresh out of the thin air.  I have never been prouder of an achievement in my life.
Please, if you will, wander through The Hall of Counterfeits and take it all in.…” – Steve Kilbey
In this lengthy podcast conversation with Madness To Creation Podcast, Steve Kilbey discusses living in Australia, how surfing, swimming and playing music is all beneficial to his mental health, the album, his days in The Church(whose album “Starfish” went platinum in the United States in 1988), and how he writes and explores in his musical composition and how he’s a major advocate for cannabis usage for medicinal and recreational purposes.  Fans can find Steve Kilbey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and his official website
Fans can check out the music video for “Swinging On The Moon” by Steve Kilbey & The Winged Heels via YouTube below:

Fans can check out this episode featuring Steve Kilbey via SoundCloud below:


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