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On the 23rd episode of the 2nd season of the Madness To Creation Podcast, we have Sleep Waker drummer Frankie Mish talking about “Alias”, their music video for “Distances”, plants, mental health, self-reflection and mindfulness. “Alias” was released July 23rd via UNFD, which is a follow-up to their 2018 record “Don’t Look At The Moon.” This album asks the listener who we are, offers moments of self-examination and reflection and what does it mean to be alive. You can skip over to 6:24(MTC Reviews “Alias”).  Here are the time stamps below based on our discussion:

8:39- The influence of Periphery in their music or is there an influence?
10:43- Frankie talks about his indoor plants and gardening, his dad playing in a punk rock band and playing with his dad in a Beatles cover band
16:28- Talks about the music video and single for “Distances” and his relationship with his grandfather and how they rewrote it about another band member’s grandfather who recently passed from dementia.

22:17- How their songs “Relief”, “Bitter” and “Turn Around” resonated with fans and how fans have came up to them

24:32- Allowing Hunter to heal from his loss, the importance of giving space to allow others to feel in a loss
25:40- What keeps Sleep Waker going in a band, what makes the Sleep Waker machine work
28:01- How Frankie enjoyed quarantine and songwriting during the Covid pandemic
29:50- What Frankie learned about himself during the Covid pandemic and leaving his marketing job
30:56- How Frankie is the “band dad”
33:02- Sleep Waker’s stage set up
33:55- How Sleep Waker manages their social media accounts
35:44- What songs is Frankie Mish looking forward to playing live off of “Alias”
39:27- The paradigm shift of concerts in a pandemic world
41:01- Possible tour plans in the works and what can fans expect at a Sleep Waker concert

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