Contributor’s Note:  Orlando, Florida’s own Felicity joins Bryan on the 127th episode of Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast.  They talked about how they made music together during the pandemic and quarantine, as well as their record entitled “Dear Universe.”  They also talk about the DIY scene out of Orlando and how they go through the writing process of their music.  Fans can find Felicity on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Fans can find Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Felicity:

Felicity is composed of Damien Fagiolino on vocals, Andrew Rapier on guitars, Cory Nicholas on guitars, Mike Alosa on bass and Tyler Dennett on drums. Their album “Dear Universe” is out now via Adventure Cat Records.

Check out the album “Dear Universe” by Felicity via Spotify below:

MTC’s Mental Health Moments:

  1.  “Carpe Diem” is a wonderful intro that would be perfect to get the crowd anticipated for the concert.  The guitars/keys and ambiance sounds perfect! 9/10
  2.  “Carpe Diem” blends in effortlessly into “Ignite”.  The song talks about how we need to be empowered and take what is ours.  Let’s ignite this/light the darkness is a lyric I absolutely love. Let the light shine in you, don’t let the darkness consume you.  Damian sings this with such emotion. Beautiful message in this song.  10/10 This song about got me choked up.
  3.  “Hit And Run”- The song seems to talk about moving forward and not letting those that betrayed your trust to hurt you anymore.  I really appreciated the symbolism of a car crash or a “hit and run” to create the feelings of feeling betrayed.  I would like to hear a bit more punch from the guitars in this song to further drive home the point, although it does pick up nicely in the outro. 7/10
  4.  “Pendulum”- Damian really showcases his vocal talents in this song.  I really like the lyric “I’m done swinging like a pendulum” then it goes into a brief breakdown before getting back into the verse.  It drives home the point of trying to break the cycle of addiction and bad habits we get into.  Powerful song!  10/10
  5.  “Ghost Town” –  I feel the arrangements really shine.  I love the intertwining of the guitars and the driving rhythm section.  Sounds like it’s about a relationship gone sour.  Solid track overall! 8/10
  6.  “You Got This”- If I didn’t look at any press releases or if they released a music video, I imagine this song is the lead single.  It’s absolutely catchy, finger snapping, hand clapping little ditty. It is a great “mental health moment” “You Got This” no matter what you’re going through.  Absolutely fun singalong that feels like it could have a choir in the background to add to it. It really shows that Felicity can write a catchy ditty. 10/10
  7. “The Weather”- I think this is my favorite song.  We all want to be forgiven and move forward.  The harmonics in the guitars really add to this song.  I like how they use things related to a weather forecast or a weather report to make another catchy.  “Let it be water under the bridge” can really apply to our lives.  Are we going to hold grudges, or can we let it be water under the bridge? 10/10
  8. “Wish You Weren’t Here”- The song can be about a broken relationship or abandonment issues.  The commentary during the song can throw a person off, but the instrumental guitar solo makes up for it.  I would’ve screamed those vocals instead of having that commentary.  7/10 I do appreciate the lyric “maybe I can’t sing like Billie Eilish” to add a little tongue in cheek vibe to it.
  9. “Lonely Nights”- I like the uniqueness of how they harmonize the chorus.  I dig the emotions behind the song.  Damian’s voice sounds like it’s shaking during parts of the song.  It sounds like there’s some scarring in this relationship. Solid track! 8/10
  10. “Highs & Lows”- Heartbreaking song. Missing that loved one in the relationship.  I love the arrangements it brings about the melancholic feel.  If there were still lighters at a concert, this would be a “raise the lighter” moment at a Felicity concert.  8/10
  11. “C’est La Vie”- This songs seems to tie everything together in this record.  C’est La Vie means such is life or “that’s life.”  It would not make sense to listen to this song alone. It really ties the story of the album together to create a concept record for Felicity.  8/10

“Dear Universe” by Felicity gets a 95/110.  It’s a record that is uplifting, heartbreaking, whimsical at times and contemplative many times.  It’s a record that is so relatable that you want to give the band a hug and tell them how sorry you are for everything they’ve gone through.  That’s the beautiful thing about this record, it’s that relatable.  I guarantee you there’s a least one song you can relate to right now.  Check out Felicity August 27th at The Abby in Orlando for their “Super Late Album Release Party.”  Let’s pack the place (safely) by picking up tickets via Montgomery Drive here.

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