Editor’s Note:  Capstan drummer Scott Fisher talks mental health, their latest album “Separate”, dogs, and coping with anxiety and drumming techniques on the Madness To Creation Podcast.  “Separate” was released July 23rd via Fearless Records and the album is whimsical one moment and absolutely brutal the next moment.  Because of this, Capstan has built quite the underground following by sounding pop/punk while incorporating sick breakdowns while writing thought-provoking lyrics about relationships, mental states and reflection.  In this album, a lot of the songwriting was based on the guitarist’s divorce and the emotions he was feeling from the separation and divorce of his wife.  It’s a record that so many people can relate to and “Separate” catapults Capstan to the next tier.  Fans can find Capstan on Facebook and their official website.

6:04- Scott talks about how he practices self-care

7:12- What Scott feels each member of Capstan brings to the table

9:23- How Capstan has zero drama in the band and how they work things out if there are disagreements

11:09- Taking us into the single “take my breath away/noose” and the dichotomy behind the song

12:25- Whether or not the band was nervous on completely changing their sound for some songs in “Separate”

13:11- How Panic! At The Disco influenced Capstan along with a bit of Escape The Fate

14:19- Talking about how insanely good the cover “Bohemian Rhapsody”

14:52- What Queen song they would cover and how awesome Between The Buried And Me is

16:31- Favorite thing fans do at a Capstan concert

17:07- Taking us into “Shades Of Us” and how they came up with that sick breakdown in the song

18:53- How Between The Buried And Me shaped him musically and how their music helped get him through

20:33- We talk about “O’ God The Aftermath” album by Norma Jean

22:01- How good of a screamer Anthony DeMario is for Capstan

23:01- How Scott relies on music and having to go to other outlets during quarantine, and how working out impacts his mental health balance

24:06- Workout regiments Scott does in his workout routine

25:03- How Anytime Fitness has helped the band with the routine, plus they have showers!

26:07- How Scott warms up and pre-show rituals Capstan does to get mentally prepared for the concert

27:15- Favorite venues and green rooms

30:27- Talking about providing support for Tiny Moving Parts

31:28- His mental state when Covid began shutting down concerts in 2020

33:01- The things Scott Fisher is grateful for

34:05- How his fiance and his dog help balance his anxiety

37:03- How his dog comforts him

37:49- What Scott has been working on in his drumming

39:43- Scott lists his favorite current drummers

41:25- The two songs Scott wants to play that haven’t been released as singles off of “Separate”

Fans can catch Tiny Moving Parts with special guests Belmont & Capstan on the following tour dates below:

Tuesday, November 2nd- High Noon Saloon in Madison, Wisconsin

Wednesday, November 3rd- Off Broadway in St. Louis, Missouri

Friday, November 5th- Scout Bar in Houston, Texas

Saturday, November 6th- The Loft in Dallas, Texas

Sunday, November 7th- Come And Take It Live in Austin, Texas

Tuesday, November 9th- The Nile in Phoenix, Arizona

Wednesday, November 10th- Lodge Room Highland Park in Los Angeles, California

Friday, November 12th- Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California

Saturday, November 13th- Strummer’s in Fresno, California

Sunday, November 14th- Cornerstone Craft Beer & Live Music in Berkeley, California

Tuesday, November 16th- Hawthorne Theatre in Portland, Oregon

Wednesday, November 17th- The Vera Project in Seattle, Washington

Friday, November 19th- The Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City, Utah

Saturday, November 20th- Marquis Theater in Denver, Colorado

Monday, November 22nd- Slowdown in Omaha, Nebraska

Tuesday, November 23rd- recordBar in Kansas City, Missouri

Wednesday, November 24th- Wooly’s in Des Moines, Iowa

For tickets and further information for any of the dates listed above, check out Songkick

Fans can find this episode featuring Scott Fisher of Capstan via SoundCloud below:

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