Editor’s Note:  Gone Gone Beyond recently released their latest album entitled “2030.”  The album is spiritual, whimsical, experimental and beautiful all in the same breath.  Madness To Creation Podcast recently sat down with Gone Gone Beyond to discuss mindfulness, nature, spirituality, and the album “2030.”  Gone Gone Beyond is composed of David Block, Danny Musengo, Kat Factor and Mel Seme.  If you’re into electronica, world and jazz music, then Gone Gone Beyond.  They also talk about special moments in their singles.  Atwood Magazine has described Gone Gone Beyond as “An expression completely of its own, Genre-less, spiritual music with four lead singers.  We feel it’s the most honest and heartfelt capture of what these spirits sound like together.  It’s a perfect representation of the collective.  Fans can find Gone Gone Beyond at

Madness To Creation Mental Health Moments “2030” by Gone Gone Beyond:

  1.  Canyons- Time heals all wounds is the message that I gather in this song. I love the harmonies in this song.  Kat Factor sings with passion yet a sense of vulnerability in this.  “Ain’t nothing that time won’t heal/And I will sing in the canyons”, that lyric hit me hard.  We should still feel a sense of hope even in the valleys and canyons in our lives.  Nice work by Gone Gone Beyond portraying that message in the song!
  2.  “Little Moon”-
  3.  “Rain Down”- That falsetto voice though!  I’m not sure which one did the falsetto, I love the world music vibe, it has a touch of reggae in there as well.  We all need the rain to wash us clean.  This song is so relaxing, it’s perfect if you need to unwind for the day.
  4.  “Coast”- “It’s out of my control, so I’m going to coast for a little while”- this lyric once again hits the listener.  I love the world beat vibe to this song, I picture this song at a Hawaiian luau for some reason, sometimes we just need to take that deep breath and not fret about things that are out of our control.
  5.  “Riptide”- This song sounds rather solemn.  Kat sings from the depths of her soul in this song. It’s so beautiful.  The piano adds a whole different element to the song as well.
  6.  “Lost In America”- The song definitely takes on social perspectives about not feeling like they belong in America.  The beauty about this songwriting is that the listener can take this song in so many different interpretations.  That’s the beauty of songwriting in Gone Gone Beyond.
  7.  “She Just Can’t Help But Shine”- I’m going to be bold here.  I can see them collaborating with Joe Cocker on this song. I immediately thought of Joe Cocker being blown away by this song and calling Gone Gone Beyond and see if he can collaborate with them on this track.
  8.  “Everything(featuring Sean Rodman)- The folk vibe and harmonies in this song is out of this world. The violin coming in play takes the song to another level.
  9.  “Gravity”- I envision this group singing this song at a campfire under a moonlit sky.  This group has a way of making you feel like they’re doing this song just for you.  That’s a rare talent to have in a group.
  10.  “Another Earth”- The acoustic guitar is so lush in this song.
  11.  “A Better Way To Love” – A song of hope, healing and love.  I love it!
  12.  “Marigold”- A happy ending to an album that’s full of hope, love and spirituality.  I hope to see you in the year 2030.

“The album “2030” by Gone Gone Beyond symbolizes hope for a better world.  I want the world to be better by 2030 where children are in wonder, humans come together for a common purpose and that is love, and this album is the soundtrack for that hope.  A surefire pick for album of the year.” – Madness To Creation

Fans can check out this episode featuring Gone Gone Beyond via SoundCloud below:

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