Editor’s Note:  In the challenging and uncertain times that stems from income inequality, gender inequality, racial and sexual orientation inequality, there is a voice that screams from the rooftops about these issues along with unjustified wars and the like.  It’s an anarchist voice, that voice is Derek Zanetti of The Homeless Gospel Choir.  This was a unique podcast format.  It was unique in the sense that I decided to invite my good friend Nate Gustafson(they/them) to the podcast as they’s a diehard fan of The Homeless Gospel Choir.  We went through a plethora of things about mental health, PTSD, moving from Pittsburgh to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and poured through the live album entitled “This Is A Protest Song.”  It was wonderful hearing Nate get excited about talking about the songs that got them through and Derek was such a gracious guest.  This was one of the most deep discussions we’ve ever had on this podcast.  The beautiful thing about this podcast is that we did the interview during Nate’s struggles with they’s addictions and now Nate is on the road to recovery!  Now to talk about the album, the album has songs such as “With God On Our Side”, which talks about how America uses religion and how the evangelical right uses religion to justify war and their own sins, and other issues pertaining to inequality in songs such as “Untitled”, “Why” and “Everyone.”  At the end of the day, Derek Zanetti is a humanitarian that wants a better world for us to live in.  Fans can pick up “This Is A Protest Song” via Bandcamp and Spotify.  Fans can also find The Homeless Gospel Choir via Facebook and their official website.

Fans can check out this episode featuring Derek Zanetti of The Homeless Gospel Choir via SoundCloud below:


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