Slain in the Spirit is the latest offering from extreme blackened metal outfit, Necronautical. The dark quartet, from Manchester in the UK, unleash utterly demonic sounds. The band delve into the dark abyss exploring all aspects of life, death and everything in-between.

Necronaut (noun); derived from the Greek words nekros (νεκρός), meaning “corpse” or “dead”, and nautes (ναύτης), meaning “explorer”. The word refers to a person who experiments with near-death experience in order to explore the underworld.

Each track delivers a different style and mood. ‘Occult Ecstatic Indoctrination’ combines intense heavy instrumentation along with a soaring, ethereal chorus to produce an epic, gothic atmosphere. This track also experiments with light and dark tones switching between contrasting sections. The uplifting lead guitar solo carries the track into a new realm of sounds. Initially feeling a bit odd, the transition between the two moods actually works incredibly well and opens up the spectrum of musical elements in this piece. ‘Pure Conciousness Event’ delivers a powerful impact with dissonant instrumentation, guttural vocals and high speed riffs. The vocals do feel a bit low in the mixture at times but overall a dynamic effect is conjured from their presence. It’s an intense track and orchestration in the mix enhances this further, exciting a sense of dramatic anticipation.

The experimentation and creativity displayed across this album is immense. Yes, it’s incredibly heavy and conforms to the genre and style expectations of blackened metal, and yet, Necronautical have added in so much more. Their sound is highly distinctive, while also being incredibly flexible allowing other elements to be integrated into their music.


Released: 20 August 2021 via Candlelight


01 – Ritual & Recursion
02 – Occult Ecstatic Indoctrination
03 – Slain In The Spirit
04 – Hypnagogia
05 – Pure Conciousness Event
06 – Necropsychonautics
07 – Contorting In Perpetuity
08 – Death Magick Triumphant



NAUT: Vocals & Guitar, CARCARRION: Guitar, ANCHORITE: Bass Guitar, SLUGH: Drums.



Check out their music video for “Necropsychonautics” by Necronautical below:

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