Contributor’s Note:  Portland, Oregon indie-rock band Forty Feet Tall joined Bryan on the 130th episode of Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast.  They get into the episode and talk about Portlandia and the stereotypes being from Oregon and Portland in particular.  Bryan compares Forty Feet Tall to The Strokes and Envy On The Coast.  They start talking about their 2021 album release entitled “A Good Distraction”, which seems appropriate given the Covid pandemic.  Fans can find Forty Feet Tall on Facebook and their official website.  Tonight Forty Feet Tall has a gig at Alberta Street Pub in Portland, Oregon.  At this show, it’s $10 and the proof of vaccination for Covid is required or a negative Covid test.  Fans can find Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Fans can check out their album entitled “A Good Distraction” via Spotify below:

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