Contributor’s Note:  Country music singer Dallas Remington joins The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz via Deans of Nashville to discuss her latest single entitled “Princess” and how she deals with trolls on social media.  Dallas recently shared the stage with Toby Keith and in a few weeks, she has a gig in West Plains, Missouri for The Little Hut’s 1st Annual Parking Lot Party with Hunter Taylor, Seth Michael, Trey Spears and Jacob Hackworth. That party will be on October 23rd and tickets are only ten bucks! Fans can find Dallas Remington on Facebook and her official website.  Fans can find The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their official website.

Fans can check out the music video for “Princess” by Dallas Remington below:

Fans can check out this episode featuring Dallas Remington via SoundCloud below:

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