Editor’s Note:  Welcome to the rebranding of what is now Scholastic Perspectives!  The reason for the rebranding, to combine education, mental health and my love for the music business all under one umbrella.  I felt Madness To Creation was getting stagnant and I wasn’t feeling it, now I’m feeling this and welcoming this change.  As educators and podcasters, or whatever it is we are doing in our craft, we need to adapt to change and sail with the winds of change instead of spitting against the winds of change.  I have on a friend of mine and quite honestly one of my favorite people in the biz in vocalist Sarah McTaggart of the amazing band Transviolet for Beyond The Yearbook, a Scholastic Perspectives Podcast.  We talked about EVERYTHING in this podcast.  We talked about religion, talked about how she warms up her vocal cords and how she executes her lyrics and her songwriting, and how they opened for T-Pain! After all, he rhymed “mansion” with “Wisconsin.” We talked about “Drugs In California” and how toxic relationships can be. The most amazing thing to me is I had such technical difficulties with my computer(Windows for you) and she was so patient with me, she somehow read my anxiety was going through the roof and she provided that grace and calming influence I needed to help me get through a mountain I made out of a molehill(Midwest expression for you).  This is evident when she opens up about the vulnerability and strength of how fans come up to her and how and why Transviolet became independent.  Fans can find Transviolet on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram and their official website.

Fans can check out a few remaining dates on the “Drugs In California” tour featuring Transviolet with Lorelei Marcell:

Tuesday, October 12th- Holy Diver in Sacramento, California

Wednesday, October 13th- Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, California

Thursday, October 14th- The Echo in Los Angeles, California

Fans can pick up tickets via Songkick here.

Fans can check out the music video for “Drugs In California” by Transviolet below:

Fans can check out this episode featuring Sarah of Transviolet via SoundCloud below:


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