It was a beautiful Sunday night in Minneapolis packed with just incredible music and a lovely atmosphere in my second hometown.  Transviolet headlined the “Drugs In California” tour with Lorelei Marcell and an exclusive opening set performance by local Minneapolis garage punk band Vial.  Personally, I love it when a local band gets an opportunity to shine.  This tour stopped at Studio B at Skyway Theater which is one of my favorite venues to see a show. It was one of those nights I won’t soon forget.  Los Angeles by way of Boston recording artist Lorelei Marcell took the stage.

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Lorelei Marcell toured based off of her self-titled EP and did a couple of covers originally done by H.E.R. and Hozier(no, it wasn’t the “Take Me To Church” song).  It was one of those performance where she captivated the intimate audience but I can’t pinpoint the exact moment of when she did that.  All I know is this.  Lorelei Marcell had a captivating voice and the backup guy that did the keyboarding, mixing and programming was impeccable.  Her songs spoke of leaving her home state of Massachusetts for the bright lights of Los Angeles to that tingly all over good feeling of summertime in the soul.  I noticed when Lorelei sang “Your Biggest Fan”, she wasn’t referring to the appliance that blows cool air.  Teacher joke.  She was referring to the loved ones that got her to this point, and she sang that song beautifully.  “Human Nature” was such a fun little ditty.  I especially enjoyed the clapping along with the drumbeats and the audience did that without Lorelei prompting the audience to do so.  It was just an absolutely fun set and Lorelei Marcell set the tone for the rest of the evening.  Local Minneapolis band Vial was next to take the stage.  Fans can check out the music video for “Your Biggest Fan” by Lorelei Marcell below:

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Vial was a heck of a good time.  These humans absolutely got their audience rocking out with their infectious energy, their tongue-in-cheek vibes and their great musicianship.  Vial reminded me if The Go-Go’s did garage rock, I see this groups doing well for themselves in the future.  They took a good opportunity in opening for a national touring band and they capitalized.  They are playing shows in support of their record entitled “Loudmouth” and fans need to check out their music video for “Something More.”

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Lastly, Transviolet took the stage. It was a night I was especially looking forward to as their singles they’ve released in 2021 are off the charts and their album “Born To Rule” and their earlier material was what I needed for this evening.  Their music, their vibes and their energy was absolutely off the charts. I can’t accurately explain it, it’s one of those things where you have to experience a Transviolet show for yourself in order to know what I’m talking about.  Sarah McTaggart has total swagger while she’s on that stage.  Whether it was songs like “Freak Like Me”, “Don’t Do Me Like That(which is one of my favorite songs ever)”, “Money, Money”, and “Don’t Say You Love Me”, their set was absolutely electric.  It was just a totally different energy that I wasn’t used to experiencing at shows.

The lighting and stage design felt big enough for arenas and it fit the music perfectly.  The emotions in the music got the audience to moving, so much so that I felt my eyes closing as the music moved me.

It was one of those nights that I need.  To confess, I was battling depression and Transviolet’s music helped me get through my mental health battles this evening.  Live music is my therapy and my contributors’ therapy and Transviolet provided the antidote for the war going on inside my head. Ever since this evening, I’ve felt better and I know everything is okay and well.  Much love to the Transviolet camp!

Fans can check out the “Drugs In California” tour featuring Transviolet with the tour dates listed below:

Tuesday 10/12- Holy Diver in Sacramento, California

Wednesday, 10/13- Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, California

Thursday, 10/14- The Echo in Los Angeles, California

For tickets and further information, click here.

Fans can check out the music video for “Fever” by Transviolet below:

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