Editor’s Note:  Here at Scholastic Perspectives, we’ll be examining social media usage and its impact on students coming up.  As an educator, one thing I’ve noticed is missing is the lack of digital citizenship that is being taught towards our students.  Because of this, students aren’t socialized like they should be and major cyberbullying issues arise because of the lack of digital citizenship in the curriculum.  As educators, we need to realize that cell phones are here to stay and we need to adapt, and that’s teaching students how to interact appropriately on their cell phones.  Also, set aside times to put away the cell phone and be present, especially when you’re with loved ones, nature, or at concerts and other forms of entertainment.  In this highlight reel with Scholastic Perspectives, Drew and Danielle McTaggert of Dear Rouge discuss “Fake Fame” and social media.  Fans can find Dear Rouge at their official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

Scholastic Perspectives:  What can fans expect at a Dear Rouge concert?

 Dear Rouge:  A great show and wild energy. We try our best to leave it all out
there. I want you to come and feel like the stage is coming to you.
We’re all in it together.

Scholastic Perspectives:  What gets you through when times get difficult?

Dear Rouge:  I surround myself with family and friends. My faith also means a lot
to me, so I pray, sing, and play old hymns at my piano. Writing music
is a massive healer for me. Basically therapy in song. If I didn’t
have music, I don’t know how I would communicate my emotions. What’s
hard to say in a conversation is so much easier to sing.

Scholastic Perspectives:  Tell me about something that’s challenging managing social media?

Dear Rouge:  I find it tough to shut off. There’s always a lingering pressure to
post or communicate something awesome. It’s so unnatural and often it
makes you question yourself and whether or not your good enough. Human
beings love to compare, and social media is the ultimate tool for

Scholastic Perspectives: What music or artist do you turn to when times get difficult in your life?

Dear Rouge:  I love Ólafur Arnalds and other instrumentalists. There’s a sense of
calm in their music. You can direct your thoughts where you need to:
the healing or courage. Others that help cheer us up include Bon Iver,
Emmylou Harris, The Beatles, and to make me smile and dance, Yeah
Yeah Yeahs, St.Vincent, and Beck.

Scholastic Perspectives: What would life be like without cell phones?

Dear Rouge:  The biggest thing: we would be more present. We would be less worried
about what others are doing. We might walk across the street just to
say hello.

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