Recently, or ages ago since our hiatus, heavy metal heavyweights CRADLE OF FILTH brought their show to Irving Plaza, however, the show was compromised.  Cradle Of Filth ended up being the only band playing due to positive Covid-19 cases from the Once Human and 3Teeth camp.  Cradle of Filth more than made up for it with their rabid fanbase by delivering a blistering set that pleased old and new fans alike.  The “Lustmord and Tourgasm” tour of 2021 brought fan favorites such as “Nymphetamine(Fix)” and their set closers “Necromantic Fantasies” and “From the Cradle to Enslave” to their masses.

The set design and interludes brought about a dark mystery behind the band to make the set captivating for the Irving Plaza audience.  Given that New York City audiences tend to be quite critical of their entertainment, Cradle of Filth brought the energy and brooding madness to satisfy the audience, which was remarkable considering the two support acts had to drop from tonight’s show due to Covid.  Their performance made it to where the audience was grateful that live shows are back.

Cradle of Filth fans should be excited that in 2022, they’re going to be making their mark around the world.  On August 12th, they’ll be appearing at Metal On The Hill Festival in Graz, Austria and on September 23rd, they’ll be appearing at Mexico Metal Fest VI in Monterrey, Mexico.  Check out this link for tickets and further information.

Yours truly, will also be reacting to a few Cradle of Filth tunes!  I’m taking a poll based on which songs I should react to.

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