With the Helloween season set kick-off at the end of October, Helloween fans this year will receive a special gift earlier to prepare them for an exciting Helloween season. The surprise gift is Helloween’s own comic book, Seekers of the Seven Keys. 

Production of the comic book was made possible through combined efforts by Incendium, Pumpkin fans, and Unitel Helloween. Fans who will buy this book will be treated to a mixture of fantasy and supernatural horror. Already, a large number of fans have begun placing their preorders. 

Characteristics of Helloween

Every year, Helloween fans enjoy an array of activities and visit queer attractions. To prove that a fan is enjoying the season, they make plans to visit haunted attractions, attend costume parties, carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, play games on divination and tell scary stories. It is a time to search online for the heavy metal album of the week to listen to and the most terrifying horror movies to watch. Some fans light bonfires, bob apples, play pranks, and do all sorts of guising and souling activities (praying for the dead done on November 2). 

Key writers involved

Although contributions to the comic book storyline were made by a combination of experts from the music, movie, and design fields, the most noteworthy contributions were made by Joe Harris, who wrote the story, Alex Medellin did the artwork, and Santi Casas the cover artwork. Another great role will be played by Incendium, who will release major figures into the action. These are Jack-o-Lantern, the Keeper of the Seven Keys, and the Witch. 

The plot of the Seekers of the Seven Keys

In the comic book, a bunch of seven mysterious keys gets lost while under the care of the mighty keeper. He sets out to look for the keys but without his knowledge, someone else is also looking for the same set of keys. 

Some teenage siblings get entangled in the whole cycle of key searching and they get themselves into the mysterious style of the old sci-fi of the 1980s. They dive into an adventure filled with fantasy, horror, creepy personalities, and humor, which are the main characteristics of Helloween. 

Michael Weikath, the Helloween guitarist, was thrilled with the book and had this to say: “Certainly, Dr. Stein isn’t the only one capable of creating such fascinating monsters. We’re ecstatic to see the Helloween known universe protagonists eventually spring to life! Incendium’s crew did an excellent job in creating an intriguing new comic adventure. And as Dr. Stein says, the moment is right!”.

Preorder releases 

The announcement caused untold excitement from the millions of Helloween fans in the North and South American regions. Although shipment is expected to be done on October 31, 2021, fans are already busy making their orders. 

The team hopes to initially print 2,000 copies but according to the number of interested buyers, they might be forced to revise this quantity and print more copies. The comic book will be available in the retail stores in the spring of 2022 for $29.95. Helloween fans can only take advantage of preorders which are priced at $19.95, a whopping difference of $10. 

The Helloween album

The year 2021 is probably one of the greatest years for Helloween because they are not only releasing a comic book, but they had earlier released their metal album ‘Helloween.’ The year 2020 was an idle year due to the pandemic and this is what could have inspired this team to write and record an album. 

Released in June 2021, this heavy metal album offers something special to metal fans and Helloween fans in general. The album’s release also opened the door for former band members Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske to join the band again. 

According to Loeble, this 7-piece album marks the coronation of a great Pumpkins United journey. Adding more about the new release – ‘Live in Madrid,’ Loeble confessed that he had never dreamed of a day when these two would return but the day is finally here and it’s very real. 

High excitement and expectations for the 2021 Helloween season

Coming from a year of gloomy Helloween season 2020, this season is already gearing up with high hopes and expectations. Although fans cannot wait to buy their scariest costumes, more is expected to be away from the ordinary.

The comic book might give endless ideas to Helloween fans who might come up with scarier costumes, stories, prayers, and anything that will make the season memorable. Nose masks are still in use and fans might be expecting to see a higher level of creativity in these small pieces of cloth. They might easily be transformed into Helloween nose costumes and still serve their purpose of protection. 


The release of Helloween’s own sci-fi comic book just before the season kicks off is a game-changer for this year’s Helloween season. Even as fans rush for preorders, hopes for an exciting season ahead are high and it’s an indication of expected high sales this season. The entertainment industry has released a lot of new music albums and movies this year which are all sources of inspiration for Helloween costumes for every age bracket. The anti-pandemic nose masks are also a great source of inspiration. This year’s Helloween might display the scariest costumes ever made. 

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